What are Lace Wigs?

beyonce custom lace wigWhat are Lace Wigs?

Lace wigs are full wigs with mesh lace attached in front beyond the “hair line” of the wig that is custom fitted, trimmed, and temporarily glued to ones skin around the hairline. You can’t see where the lace starts or ends. The mesh lace also provides for natural looking partings in the hair.

We often see Jenna Jameson, Tyra Banks, a now-bald Britney Spears and Beyonce with flawless looking hair that is most often than not due to the trendy lace front wigs. Lace front wigs have been around for quite a while used by the entertainment and health care professions. Alepecia sufferers and the famous Drag Queen Ru Paul have worn them for years.

The technology on them has really improved; in fact, it’s pretty amazing because the blend with ones natural skin is remarkable if glued properly. A custom made Celebrity lace front wig with Supreme Quality hair (Cuticle Remy Hair) can cost up to $20,000. But a good custom made lace front wigs can be purchased for about $500-1500.

Besides giving women a fabulous head of hair, lace front wigs have hairlines that are practically invisible. Lace wigs produce a hairline that is the closest to the natural one as compared to all other options and makes the wearer look absolutely stunning. Also, applying the lace wigs is so easy that you don’t really require the help of a professional and can apply the lace wigs anytime you want great looking hair.

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Below is a cool video showing how lace wigs are made.