How To Clean Your Blowdryer

Your hot-air blower will be running like new after putting this 60-second tutorial to use. Pin now and do tonight to ensure that your next at-home blowout comes out its best. 

Its BLACKFRIDAY! Shop till you drop!!!

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Buying a wig? Here are the 4 ‘Cs’ that you must consider

A wrong wig can make your hairs look unnatural. Moreover, no one would prefer to disclose that he/she is wearing a wig. We have written a number of blog posts on how you… Continue reading

Five budget friendly wigs for students

Wigs are no more accessories; they have become a basic necessity these days. However, a good quality wig come at a premium price. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a premium quality human hair… Continue reading

Frequently asked questions about wigs: part 2

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Frequently Asked Questions about wigs: Part 1

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Human hairs versus synthetic hairs: which one should you choose?

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Issues that wig users frequently face due to their own mistakes

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Hair care tips for this winter

Winters are not only harsh for your skin but also for your hairs. If not cared properly, your tresses can become dry and brittle. They will start looking dull. You can even experience… Continue reading

No slide backs or rollouts please: How to prevent your wig from sliding back

There is nothing to feel embarrassed about your wig. If you don’t have voluminous hair or want to get a specific look, wearing a wig is the most practical solution that you have.… Continue reading

Lace wig wearing mistakes that you must avoid

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Glue-less wigs: an innovative and mess-free alternative to conventional wigs

How many of you hate using wig glues and tapes? How many of you want a fast, no-fuss hair alternative that can be worn within seconds? All of us, isn’t it? The conventional… Continue reading

Ordering A Custom Wig: How To Correctly Measure You Head

Getting your wig customized will give you the ability to choose any texture, style, colour, cap size, length, and other features that you may desire. While choosing the specifics, you will have to… Continue reading

Common wig care mistakes that you should avoid

From over-the-counter serums to professional treatments; wig lovers these days leave no stone unaltered to ensure that their ‘hairs replacement’ lasts longer and looks as good as their natural hairs. However, even after… Continue reading

Gold metallic nails

A must-have accessory for your party wardrobe Metallic nails add a touch of glamour to any look. From night-outs to New Year-parties, they are the perfect accessories that will best complement your look.… Continue reading

Here is the right approach to detangle your wig

We all hate tangles and why would not we? They hurt us and make our hairs look unmanageable. Unfortunately, both wigs and your natural hairs are prone to tangling. No matter how expensive… Continue reading

Here is what you need to know to make your wig last longer

Wigs are wonderful accessories. Sometimes you need them to add volume to your thin hairs, sometimes for protecting your natural hairs, sometimes for adding length, and many a times for getting a specific… Continue reading


With changing environment and aging, people are prone to go bald. To prevent this and find alternate means, there are many inventions and research going on. The most traditional alternate for bald is… Continue reading

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What Are Lace Wigs

 Lace Front and Full lace Wigs:  Lace Wigs are full wigs with mesh lace attached in front beyond the “hair line” of the wig that is custom fitted, trimmed, and temporarily glued to ones… Continue reading