How To Care For and Protect Your Wigs

Wigs are worn for various reasons such as for a new style without cutting your real hair, an instant solution to a bad hair or simply as a trend. For whatever reason you have decided to begin wearing a wig, human hair wigs are the most natural and long-lasting to make wigs from, although they are the hardest to take care of since every time they get wet they tend to lose the style just like your hair does. Some can be fairly expensive so protecting your investment is vital. Here are some of the guidelines on how to care for human wigs:
  1. To prevent constant cleaning of human hair wigs, maintain cleanliness in your hair and scalp
  2. Use a wide tooth comb or a pick to get rid of all the tangles from the wig
  3. Turn the wig inside out before shampooing
  4. Never wash your Human Hair Wigs in HOT water, only lukewarm.
  5. Use your sink basin or large bowl to wash your wig in, just big enough to fit in with your wig.
  6. Fill the container with cool or cold water and combine with one cap full (which amounts to about one teaspoon) of wig shampoo. A shampoo for chemically treated hair will work best. Purchase one that is fortified with vitamins and has other ingredients that are best for human hair.
  7. It is essential to use cool water on curly wigs, as warm water will reduce the curls of wigs.
  8. When you are done soaking your wig, empty the container that your wig is in then rinse it off with cool or cold water.
  9. When finished, carefully press the excess water out of wig by placing the wig between thumb and fingers. Carefully glide your hand down your wig squeezing it and opening your hand in an outline as you work your hand and water downward and out of the wig. Go over this procedure until you reach the end of the hair. Don’t tug on the hair or reverse the direction that you are going while extracting the water from your wig.
  10. Once that step is complete apply a leave-in conditioner or a detangler. This will keep your hair soft for the most of the day. Find one that can be used daily and won’t leave your wig with a heavy build up. A leave on conditioner and detangler is a good way to nurture and detangle hair at the same time, without weighing your hair down and giving it a natural shine.
  11. After that step you can roller set you wig as an alternative. Place it under a dryer on a wig setting. A hot curling iron or flat iron may be used as well on human hair wigs. Another way is to place your wig out on a towel and pat out excess water to further help in the drying process. Leave your wig in a ventilated area to dry overnight. You can also position your wig on a slender object such as a can of hairspray or something similar to that shape. This will help your wig to air dry. Doing so will also help you to retain the shape of your wig.