Benefits and How To’s of having a Lace Wig

Lace wigs are perfect for women who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy, alopecia, male pattern baldness, aging or medications. The wigs are perfect for the busy woman on the go, who doesn’t have time to sit for long periods at the beauty shop. They are also perfect for the woman who just wants transformation from her typical hairstyle, without having to make a lasting change.

Because of the lace lining of the wig, you can trim the edges of the wig to go with your present or former hair line. Lace wigs are usually custom fitted at a wig shop to perfectly fit your head. Some shops sell “stock” lace wigs, which will have extra lace hanging around the edges. This lace will be trimmed off as you fit the wig to your head. Most “stock” wigs include instructions for trimming and fitting the wig.

Lace wigs are cared for much the same way you would care for the hair growing on your head. Wigs should be kept clean and washed accordingly. It is advise to wet the hair with an equal mixture of water and conditioner. Lay the hair out flat, and brush it to avoid it from tangling. Use a mild shampoo to clean the hair. Continue to brush the hair while you are shampooing and rinsing it to prevent tangles. The wig can be blow dried, but it is not recommended, as this can cause the hair to become dry and frizzy. It is best to hang the wig up on a wig stand and let it air dry.

It is not advised to color, tint or perm a lace wig, because it has already been chemically processed in its production. This is especially true with blonde or other light-colored hair. When swimming, it is recommended that you always wear a swim cap. Wash the hair as soon as possible after swimming, to prevent damage from chlorine or salt water. It is not recommended that you wear your wig when you are in a spa, as the excessive moisture can cause the wig to frizz and tangle.

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