2016 Trendy Hair Colors for Black Women

We have come up with a few fashionable and beautiful hairstyles and hair colors for black women. If you have been on a lookout for that perfect hair shade, then continue reading.

2016 Trendy Hair Colors for Black Women (1)

The favorite shade among the black ladies is the beautiful dirty blond as it highlights dark eyes and goes extremely well wit dark complexion. This hair shade creates a well-balanced look by lighting up your complexion. Even the celebrities are going dirty blond to enhance their prettiness.

Honey blonde is a much darker shade than dirty blonde. This shade works best for people with green eyes as green highlights compliment the darker skin tone beautifully which even enhances the shine of the hair.

Being both light and trendy, platinum blonde works well with light as well as dark skin tones. Nevertheless, you must know when to opt for it. Ladies with darker skin tone must be careful while choosing bleach blonde. This shade is appropriate if you have shorter hair as long hair will ruin your look. So always review, revise and be sure before you make this brave move to platinum blond. It can help light up shorter hair styles, but will obliterate the beauty of your long hair.

Red is a captivating and ornate hair shading to choose for 2016. It is astonishing and looks flawless with dark skin tones and dark eyes. Fiery red is the shade you must pick to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by everyone.

fashionable and beautiful hairstyles

Do you want to experiment with a soft ombre hair shading? The best option for people with a dark complexion is the dark ombre. Color the roots in a dark chestnut shade to compliment your eyes and lighten up your appearance with lighter brown or dark blonde tips

The rich shade of dull chocolate brown will revive your dark hair color and will include more delicacy. This hair shading is one of the most natural hair options for a person with a dark skin complexion. It has warm hints which compliment warm eye tones and warm skin tones. It is called coffee brown when the high-sparkle impact is more touchable.