Hairdos You Will Love On This Christmas

Every woman wishes to style her hair for special occasions. You need to understand the kind of hairstyle that will suit you and make you look elegant and sophisticated during the event.

Hairdos You Will Love On This Christmas

This Christmas, flaunt your hair with beautiful styles that will enhance your beauty and make you popular.

1. French twist

A very popular form of arranging your hair together so that it does not fall or is out of place is the French twist. This is an updo hairstyle. The French twist is classic and looks elegant for every occasion. This hairdo is suitable for shoulder length hair as well as long hair.

2. Ballerina bun

A ballerina needs to gather her hair as a bun so that the hair looks beautiful and secured and does not hinder the performance. This form of hairstyle can be worn high up on the on your head or lower down near the back of your neck. It can be worn with any form of dress and will make you look tall.

3. Fishtail braid

A very popular hairstyle for women who have comparatively long hair. The fishtail braid is a variation of the French braid. The only difference is that unlike the French braid where the hair is divided into three sections, here the hair is divided only into two sections. This style in the 19th century was called the Grecian braid.

4. The hair bow

In this kind of hairstyle, you make a bow out of your hair. This form of hairstyle can be used for both short hair as well as long hair. This form of hairstyle is quite harmonious with the Christmas theme. The bow resembles the one that we use in gift wrapping during Christmas.

5. Short Hair Chignon

A very popular hairstyle among women who have short hair. Chignon is a French word meaning at the nape. If you have bob hair and you want a classy look for your Christmas party, this is the style for you.

Beautiful styles that will enhance your beauty and make you

6. Dutch braid updo

Another form of an updo hairstyle is the Dutch braid. Here the buns are low, and a braid is wrapped around the bun to make it gorgeous for any party wear. You can even add some beautiful hairpins to make it more gorgeous.

7. Messy beehive hairstyle

The beehive hairstyle has been used for many centuries by many people to add volume to their hair. This is a retro hairstyle. The messy beehive hairstyle is more of the current era. You can make it more glamorous by having a side swept bang to your messy beehive.

8. Messy twist updo

The current Christmas trend is the messy hairstyles. The messy hairstyle can not only be worn casually but also for special occasions. Be it low buns or twists or top knots, the messy updo makes your look unique, effortless and gives you a relaxed feeling.