How to protect your wig from sun damage

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Your wig is as much prone to sun damage as is your natural hair. Even premium quality human hair wigs can get lighter and may change their colour when exposed to sun for a prolonged period. Most wig users complain that their wig gets a reddish tint when exposed to sun. Sure, you can dye your wig and resolve the colour issue, but ‘prevention is better than cure’. Therefore, instead of dumping your wig and buying a new one (which could incur significant expenditure) or spending hours dyeing it, you must focus on protecting your wig from sun damage. Some tried and tested methods to prevent your wig from sun damage are:

Tie your hair and cover them with a hat

This sounds obvious, isn’t it? You will however, be surprised to know that this is the most effective way to protect your hair against sun damage. Avoiding exposure will minimise the damage. The best way you can do that is to tie your hair into pony or bun and cover then with a hat or scarf made of breathable fabric. Wearing a hat will not be comfortable during summers but, if you love your hair, you have to do that. Use wide brim hats for complete coverage.

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Use UV protection gels

Thankfully, there are tons of serums, lotions, and gels available in market. These products are as effective as the sunscreens you use for your skin. If you are in a profession where you cannot cover your wig or use a hat, you must use these products.

Please note: Always use premium quality sun-block products that are exclusively meant for wigs. Do not use average products, as they may further increase the damage instead of minimising it. Try to use products that are recommended by your wig manufacturers.

Keep your hair moisturized

Heat can break down keratin, the protein your hair is made of. The strands of human hair wigs aee also made of keratin. So, this breakdown can make your wig look dull and feel lighter. To combat the effect of heat, make sure you keep your wig well moisturized. Wash it regularly. Use a leave-on conditioner instead of the ‘wash and go’ ones. Also, keep your natural hair moisturized by oiling them regularly. Drink plenty of fluid so that your skin as well as your hair stay hydrated.

Lace Front Wig

Wash your wig regularly

No, washing it frequently will not dry it out. Instead washing will clean off the dust and dirt and make it breath easily. The sun block products are slightly oily. They have the tendency to attract and accumulate dirt. If you don’t wash your wig regularly, it will start looking dull and worn out. Moreover, it may cause scalp infection. You may also get from dandruff. Therefore, make sure you wash your wig at least once a week. Use a clarifying shampoo meant for wigs. Clarifying shampoos can remove the accumulated traces of sun block products, thereby giving you a thorough cleanup.

In our next blog, we will show you some trendy summer hairstyles that will make you look great and help you protect your hair from sun exposure.