lace front wig

Somewhere between the perfect pair of jeans and the perfect man is the perfect wig. Sound like a myth? Well one lucky winner can prove to you it’s not, because she won the gift you just can’t beat. And that’s beauty without the fuss.

Yes the lucky Ms. Makaylah Annise was fortunate enough to be the lucky recipient of Pink Lace Wigs Easter giveaway. She is the proud owner of one of the most high-end front wigs on the market. The Zahra Virgin Brazilian Lace is not only 100% pure virgin hair, but also 100% undeniably beautiful. With long locks of pure enticement floating down, it’d make any hair enthusiasts day to own.


Wigs this authentic aren’t exactly “economical” these days. But Pink Lace Wigs has taken what used to be a financial strain, and turned beauty into something we all can enjoy. Their Easter give-a-way shows this to be true. I’m absolutely certain Makaylah has yet to take it off. Even though it’s so easy to put on as a front-end wig.

Finding a look that fits you is difficult, and styling wigs can be more like trying to fix a car. But fortunately there’s a whole menagerie of wigs to choose from at their website https://pinklacewigs.wordpress.com and what’s even better? They actually tell you how to STYLE your individual wig. Uhg, what’s worse than seeing someone with the exact same hair as you? Well they eliminated that risk, and certainly set the standard with this promotion. The wig that Makaylah now wears just begs the question;


“Where did you get your hair done?”

It’s always nice to feel beautiful, but it’s pretty rare when you feel beautiful AND have money left over. Especially in times like these. Honestly buying a wig from them must feel like a giveaway each time you place an order. Have you seen how expensive quality like that costs? It’s either pay rent or look fabulous. And being homeless is NOT fabulous. No matter what it is you’re wearing!

I know buying online can be a risk sometimes, but not with these wigs. Just look at the picture of the Zahra Virgin Brazilian Lace? Tell me you haven’t tried for years to get a look like that? All this without the hassle? I bet it doesn’t even seem real, but Makaylah Annise can tell you how real and simple it is. Go ahead and Facebook her, see how it looks for yourself.

Don’t take our word for it.

Even though the give-a-way is over, Pink Lace Wigs will continue to come out with sexier wigs and even sexier styles. The kind that you never thought you could actually have. I don’t know about you, but I’m deleting the number of my salon and going to check Makaylah out now. Because I can’t decide which look I want. And you know what the best part about it is? I still get to pay my rent, and nobody will style it like me.