20 reasons why your hair are falling out : Part 1

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Hair loss can be demoralizing. It can affect your overall confidence level. Although men are more prone to baldness, significant numbers of women across the globe suffer from hair thinning and hair loss. The reasons can be as simple as a scalp infection or as serious as an underlying medical condition. Fortunately, in most cases the hair loss can be controlled, however it is important to identify the underlying reason correctly. Only a qualified dermatologist will be able to tell you the exact reason why you are suffering from hair fall. However, we are listing down 20 top reasons why your hair may be thinning out.

1. Physical trauma

Physical trauma can cause excessive hair loss. If you have recently met an accident or have been suffering from flue or cold for some time, chances are that you may be experiencing hair loss. This type of hair loss  is known as telogen effluvium. Your hair undergo three phases: growth phase, resting phase, and shedding phase. When you meet a trauma, the hair cycle gets imbalanced, thereby triggering more hair to enter into shedding phase.  Thankfully, you don’t have to worry much as your hair will grow back once you have recovered.

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2. Post pregnancy hair loss

If you have recently become a mom, you would experience some hair loss. The amount of hair loss varies for each individual. Giving birth to a baby is quite traumatic. Your body undergoes significant hormonal changes during this period. Suffering from hair fall is pretty obvious during this phase of your life. Be assured that your hair will grow back within a few weeks or months.

3. Vitamin overdose

We all know that excess of everything is bad. The same holds true for Vitamins and minerals. Consuming vitamins, especially Vitamin A in excessive quantity may trigger hair loss. If you have been taking vitamin supplements, check with your dermatologist if you are exceeding your daily dose. Fortunately, this type of hair loss is reversible. Once the excessive vitamins are flushed out of the body, your follicles will grow back.

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4. Protein deficiency

Protein is the building block of your body. If you don’t provide sufficient amount of this bio-product to your body, you will suffer from various hair and skin problem. Your body will automatically supply protein to major body functions instead of giving it to hair. If you don’t want to let this happen, include eggs, meat, fish, lentils, etc. in your diet.

5. Alopecia

This disease triggers excessive hair loss. It is a female version of male pattern baldness.  However, unlike men, women do not get a receding hairline. Instead, their hair start getting thinner near their part. There are medicines that can prevent further hair loss. Dermatologists may prescribe you medicines and treatments that may grow your hair back. But, remember that the hair fall you will experience will be a major one and you may have to take extensive treatment.

In our next blog, we will discuss about 5 more such reasons why we can suffer from hair thinning and hair loss. www.pinklacewigs.com