The safest way to detangle a curly wig

Who doesn’t love curls! They look great. They give you a voluminous look. They look natural. However, they are difficult to maintain. Curly hair require a lot of maintenance. The same holds true for curly wigs. Premium quality curly wigs may be little easier to maintain but you still have to spend some extra time in detangling the curls and giving them a managed look.

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Here is what you would need to maintain your curly wig:

  • Detangle spray. Make sure you buy an expensive, good quality spray. Water can also work but a spray will be a better option as it will make your work quite easier.
  • A brush for curly wigs
  • A wig head or wig stand. You can also work without a stand but if you place your wig on a firm stand, you will be able to work faster.

Here are some tricks for removing fizz from your lovable curly wig that has now started looking like a bird’s nest.

  • Place your wig on a wig head or a stand.
  • You can either work on the whole wig at a time or better divide it into smaller sections. For curly wigs, you can consider each curl as a section.
  • Put an old towel below your wig so that the detangling solution doesn’t make the floor slippery.
  • Start with one side of the wig. Take a curl and spray it with the de-tangler solution until it is wet. If you are on tight budget, spray water instead. The curl should feel slippery.
  • Now, use your fingers to detangle the curls. Start from the bottom and work towards the top. Repeat this multiple times until the curl feel smooth. Use a brush to further smoothen it out.

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  • Make sure you do not pull the strands too hard or else they may get damaged.
  • If you want to separate it into smaller curls, it’s the right time to do it. Make curls as you desire and wrap them tightly around your forefingers, one at a time. Wrap it tight and hold for a minute or two. Unwrap it carefully so that you get one giant banana curl.
  • Finish with the rest of the sections.
  • Let the curls air dry. Do not blow-dry them, as they will not set well. You can use styling tools and curlers if you want but not a blow dryer.
  • Spray hair gel if you want or else leave them as it is.

Curly wigs need to be detangled for a variety of reasons including better management, easier cleaning, and improved life. If you want to keep your wig tangle free for a long time, make sure you treat it well. Store it properly in its case or hang it on a wig head when you are not using it. Also clean it regularly, moisture it, and minimize its exposure to sunlight and wind. The better you treat your wig, the lesser will be the tangles.