Wig cap construction, their types, and other details

Wig construction has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, thanks to the technological advancement. The advancement is so incredible that sometimes it is hard to determine the difference between synthetic wigs and virgin Remy hair wigs. However, some things haven’t changes. One of them is the importance of caps. Caps are still the most important part of any wig. The cap determines how comfortable your wig is. It determines how durable your wig will be and how natural you will look. Therefore, while choosing your wig, you must consider the cap construction.

Lace front wig

Below is a detailed analysis of various wig cap varieties and their advantages:

Monofilament cap

This form of cap construction has individual hair tied to the sheer base (not the cap). Since each hair is individually tied, it looks as if the hairs are growing out of the scalp. You can part the hair from anywhere without bothering about the cap’s visibility. This means, you can go for any type of hairstyles.

Please note:

  • Monofilament wigs can have monofilaments across the cap, at the crown or at the entire top portion.
  • Monofilament hand-tied wigs may not be 100% hand-tied. Such wigs usually have hand-tied crown or top portion and the rest part is machine-tied. If you want a complete hand-tied wig, look for wigs that are ‘100% hand-tied monofilament’.
  • If you have sensitive scalp, you can go for double-filament wigs.

Hand-tied wigs

Hand-tied caps have their own charm. They give you the most natural look as they help your hair move freely and naturally. As mentioned above, when you buy hand-tied wigs, make sure they are 100% hand-tied or else you will end up getting a wig that will be partially hand-tied. Genuine sellers like us clearly mention these details on our website but in case you don’t get such information, ask the seller. Hand-tied wigs are very soft and comfortable. This is the reason why they are expensive. Further, they are a better choice for people who have sensitive scalp.

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Lace front cap

Lace front caps are the latest additions. They are designed to give you a natural looking hairline so that you can even style the hairs away from your face! You can buy semi-customized, fully-customized, as well as ready-to-wear wigs as per your preference. Each hair of a lace front wig is hand-tied to a section of the sheer lace. The cap material, i.e. the lace is a delicate material and therefore, it should be handled with care.

Basic caps

These are the most conventional forms of caps. They have wefts of hair sewn into them. The crown may or may not have lace layer. The hair in this case are cut and styles in a specific way. There are cap less wigs as well. This type of cap construction is very durable and affordable. Good quality wigs offer better ventilation. This type of wigs does not look as natural as lace and hand-tied ones look but are budget-friendly.

We hope this blog helps you understand the various wig cap varieties and buy the right wig as per your needs. If you have any query, get in touch with us at www.pinklacewigs.com