9 Tips and Styling Ideas From Your wig Experts

Lace front wigs

1. Be Confident

Put off your dream look with confidence. Avoid worrying or fidgeting about your wig. Own it with right attitude and walk in with confidence.It is a key to your dream hairstyle.

 2. Customize your cut

Visit your hairstylist with your wig to have some cuts and trimms.To customize it according to your look and make it a best match for you.A custom cut can make a world of difference.

3.Invest in right care products

If you wish for long lasting beautiful wig, you need to care properly for it and it can be possible with care products  specifically formulated for wigs.

For Scalp:

Adhesive starter kit.

All in one solution to revitalize, clean and protect your scalp from dirt, pollution and harms.

Kit Contains:

1.3 oz. Scalp Protector ‘Dab-On’
0.5 oz. Ultra Hold Liquid Adhesive
1.3 oz. Lace Release – ‘Dab-on’
36 Pack Walker Tape Straight Strips
4.0 oz. C-22 Solvent

For Curly Hair:DevaCurl Try Me / Travel Kit

The best stuff for curly hair ever! Great For your wig and your transitioning hair alike! Take care of both your wig and your natural hair at the same time!

Kit contains:

Divacurl No Poo Conditioning Cleanser

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4. Always think ahead

 You should keep two wigs ready to wear at all times.So that you always have something to wear as a back up in case anything should happen to one. Rotating between wigs also extends the life of a wig.

 5. Kitchen Tips

Tip every wig wearer; Avoid opening a oven while wearing synthetic wig! The sudden contact of heat can ruin your wig. Also avoid the contact with boiling pot of water, It can cause long lasting damage. To avoid this damage apply a stylish scarf or try out a comfy cap.

6. Personalize your look

Use a headband, scarf or any other hair accessory to add a personal touch. Be creative, just because you are wearing a wig doesn’t mean are bonded to have a same style.

 7. Blend in your own hair

You can also try blending your original hair into your wig if your natural hair is somewhat close to your wig color for a more natural look. Pertain the wig then haul out small sections of your natural hair along the sides or in front according to your choice, using your fingers or with the help of your comb.

Even you have few inch long hair, this will really help to make your wig look and feel more natural and create a seamless hairline.

8. Stay Close to your current style

Opt for a wig that is close to your original hairstyle, it will help you look natural and will match with your original style. A familiar style will help you feel more confident and make the transition from wearing your own hair to wearing wigs an exotic experience. Experiment with Hair style variations, while staying within your comfort zone.

9. Don’t forget to add Styling Products

Define layers of your hair using styling products (Shaping Cream or Nano Ceramic Flat Iron with Smart Heat Settings that works great on styling hair). www.pinklacewigs.com