How to choose a wig

Whether you are thinking of buying a wig because you need it after medical treatment or are suffering from hair loss, or simply looking at changing your look once in a while without drastic or long term changes to your own hair, choosing a wig is a process that requires care and attention.

Lace Front Wigs

Base and Comfort

When it comes to wigs, there are many options to choose from. The lace front wigs are the most practical, being more adaptable and comfortable, and let your scalp “breathe” thus avoiding overheating and discomfort. If you are looking for a wig to wear all day, then consider buying a custom lace wig which will be made specifically to your requirements. If you are in search of a wig for a temporary change of look of a fun wig for a party good quality is just as important, as you want it to provide a good fit and keep its shape at all times.

Synthetic or Natural?

The choice between synthetic and natural hair mostly depends on the reasons why you need a wig. A synthetic hair wig is easier to maintain, but the hair cannot be dyed or heated so make sure you choose the style and colour that suits you best. It will keep its shape and dry quicker after cleaning, and are also cheaper than natural hair wigs.

Natural hair can be cut and dyed, and styled to your needs. You can style a natural hair wig as you wish, use a hair dryer or even a flat iron and curlers. They are more expensive than synthetic hair wigs, but offer a more natural look and more versatility and with proper care, will last longer.

How to choose a style

Synthetic hair wigs come in a wide variety of styles and colours, allowing you to change according to your mood or outfit. However they cannot be cut as natural hair does so your initial choice will be final. Natural hair can be cut and styled, the hair is more flexible and responds well to heat, thus allowing you to treat it like you normally would. Make sure you put on your wig when cutting, and have it cut by a professional as once cut it will be final. A professional hairdresser/stylist will advise you on the best cut for your face shape, and will not overcut.


Synthetic hair wigs are generally cheaper than natural hair, with prices varying according to the type, colour, length and style. So make sure you choose carefully, take your time, and imagine yourself not only wearing it but also handling it. Comfort is of utmost importance as your wig will become a part of you and the best way to feel confident is to forget it is there. Wigs are the ultimate “feel good” accessory in cases of hair loss, they will provide you with a renewed confidence that has no price. Necessity or fun, a wig is an accessory that will surely change your life.