Our latest addition to our celebrity wigs collection

Celebrity wigs are in trend these days and why wouldn’t they!?After all, who doesn’t want to look like their favorite superstar? Our celebrity wigs are some of our best selling items. To offer you more varieties, we have now added fresh styles to our already existing collection of some of the best celebrity wigs. All of them are made of supreme quality material. They have almost invisible lace caps. This is the reason why they are undetectable. You can now customize our celebrity wigs as per your specific needs.

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Here are some of our celebrity wig products that are worth trying:

Beyonce lace wig no 007

Our Beyonce wigs are quite popular. We have many wigs that replicate this superstar’s style; the latest being this blonde haired wig. It has dark brown roots. The color fades to become strawberry blonde towards the hair tips. The wig is completely customizable. The picture here features a 12 inches long wig. You can leave the hair open or tie them into a pony tail. The cap is made of premium quality lace, which means it is undetectable and you can part the hair anywhere you want. The texture is light yaki. The original price of this elegant yet sexy Beyonce lace wig is $700, but we are now offering it at an unbelievable price of $374. Don’t miss this. Order now!

Celebrity wig 040

This is another Beyonce-style celebrity wig. It is a silky smooth, light brown toned lace wig, with blonde highlights. The original wig comes with straight hairs but you can curl them up if you desire. The wig is made of premium quality materials and therefore, it can resist heat. Ponytails and updo hairstyles will look great, however, if you want an everyday look, just leave the hair open. Our celebrity 040 wig is customizable.

Vannesa Hudgens Lace Wig 040

If you love perfectly layered black hairs, check out our Vannesa Hudgens Lace Wig 040 As mentioned, it has off black hair with dark brown highlights. The hair have a soft texture. You can leave the open, tie them up into a pony tail, or curl them up to create a hair style of your choice. The original price of our Vannesa Hudgens wig is $700 but currently, we are offering it at a discounted price of $374. Offer valid till stock lasts. So, hurry!

Nicki custom lace wig 001

Nicki Minaj, the American Rapper, singer, and songwriter is a style icon for many. Her Chinese bang hairstyle has become quite popular these days and therefore, we thought of creating a wig for people who want to get that exact look. This light yaki wig has jet black hair . Length is customizable. The picture below displays an 18 inches long wig. The hair can be parted anywhere, giving you the flexibility to choose any hairstyle you want. This wig, originally priced at $700 is now available at $329.

Apart from these new additions, we also have many more celebrity wigs that are worth buying. Check them out here: http://www.pinklacewigs.com/Celebrity-Lace-Wigs_c_67.html