What Is Yaki Hair?

Remy and Yaki are the most confused terms in the wig industry. If you are a new buyer, you may find it difficult to choose the most relevant wig variety for you. This blog is intended to help you. Here we will be discussing about yaki hair, its varieties, and how it is related with Remy hair.

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While Remy hair refers to a variety of hair used for making extensions, Yaki refers to hair texture. Yaki hair could be Remy as well as non-Remy hair. Remy hair refers to hairs extracted from a single donor in a way that their cuticles remain non-damaged. Non-Remy hair refers to strands that are extracted from multiple donors and the cuticles are usually not intact. Obviously, non-Remy hairs are inferior varieties as compared to Remy hair. Now, both Remy as well as non-Remy hair could be virgin as well as non-virgin. Virgin hairs are those that are unprocessed i.e. not treated chemically. Non-virgin hairs are processed hairs. Hair is processed to change their colour, shine, and texture. When the texture is changed to resemble afro-Caribbean hair, it is known as Yaki Hair.

Yaki hair is defined as a hair texture that looks and feels like African American hair. Such hair is black in color. Remy or non-Remy hair is chemically processed to give them an African look. This process is known as relaxing. So, Yaki hair can be Remy Yaki hair or non-Remy Yaki hair.

There are four varieties of Yaki hair:

  • Silky Yaki: Also known as light Yaki or FineNOT  Yaki, this variety refers to hair texture that is silly straight. They look like they are freshly relaxed and flat-ironed. This is one of the most popular varieties of hair texture. Women who want a wig that requires least maintenance often prefer it. We have many Remy silky Yaki wigs available in our online store at a discounted price. Click here to check out the options.
  • Regular Yaki: It refers to hair that is not as silky and straight as Silky Yaki but still looks relaxed. It looks like typical African American hair. Click here to check out an example of Regular Yaki hair wig available in our online store.
  • Kinky Yaki: It looks far more natural. Kinky Yaki refers to a texture that looks as if the hairs are not being relaxed. Instead, the hair looks like African hair blow dried straight. This is the reason why kinky Yaki hair is very thick and fluffy. Click here to check out an example.
  • Kinky Curl: It is the most natural texture of African American hair. Such hair looks like they have not been relaxed or blow-dried. In fact, they look as if they have not been chemically processed. We have some Kinky Curl wigs in our online store. Check out the options here.

We hope this blog helps you understand the basics of hair type and texture varieties. For more details, keep reading our blog.