Are you cleaning your face the right way?

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The skin of your face is very delicate. Further, it gets regularly exposed to dirt, dust, germs, heat, and other elements. Your face is therefore, much more prone to damage than any other part of your body. We all must make some extra efforts to keep it clean. Just rinsing it twice daily isn’t sufficient. It requires much more than your regular face wash. In our last blog, we discussed about some shampooing mistakes that most of us make. Here, we will be discussing about some face cleaning mistakes that we must not do.

Washing your face more than required

Excessive washing can age your skin. Too much of face wash can make your face look dried and wrinkled. Do not wash your face more than required. Twice a day is sufficient. If you stay indoors most of the time and do not do makeup, you should wash your face only once a day. However, make sure you rinse your face after workouts, after an outdoor photo shoot, or after doing any event that involves exposing your skin to dirt and dust.

Using a harsh face wash

Soap is too harsh for your face. It can cause irritation and may even make it look aged. Try a non-soap cleaner. They might be little expensive as compared to your regular cleaner but you must consider them as an investment for your skin. Also, while choosing your face wash, make sure you choose something that suits your skin type. This is very important. No matter how expensive it is, if you choose a wrong face wash type, you will do more bad to your skin than good.

Not exfoliating your skin properly

Both over-exfoliation and under-exfoliation are not good for your skin. Proper exfoliation can enhance the texture and smoothness of your face. Exfoliators remove dead skins from your skin, thereby giving it a refreshed, shiny look. If you miss out exfoliation, your skin can look rough and dull. Exfoliation is one of the best skin renewal methods. However, do not overdo it or else you may harm the skin cells. Depending on your lifestyle, once or twice a week is sufficient.

Using hot water for washing your face

Nothing than do more harm to your face than excessive hot water. It can deplete moisture from your skin, thereby making it look dull and aged. Further, if the water is excessively hot, it can even damage your skin cells. Water for washing your face should be at least 6-8 degree cooler than the water you use for shower. You must therefore, use lukewarm or even cold water for cleaning your face.

Relying on face wipes

They are very convenient. They are readily available. And, most importantly, they are a much better option during winters as compared to washing your face with cold water.

If you think you, be aware. Face wipes are not a good alternative of face wash.

Yes, they are convenient for removing makeup but do not rely on them completely. Do not replace them with your regular face cleaner. They cannot remove dirt and dust from the deep. Further, rubbing them too much can damage your skin cells. Use them only when you cannot wash your face.

Your face is your asset. We hope this blog helps you preserve its beauty and youthfulness.