Things that you must know before you reach out for your shampoo: part 2

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In our last blog, we discussed about a few ‘expectation versus reality’ issues about shampoos. Here, we will be discussing about some shampooing mistakes that most of us make without realizing that they are damaging your tresses instead of making them healthier, voluminous, and more manageable.

Mistake 1: You wash it every day, without failure

A hot, relaxing shower is what we all long for, but shower isn’t necessary for your hair. In fact, experts suggest that hair look good when they have natural oils on them. Natural oils make your hairs shiny and manageable. If you wash them off every day, you will be left with dry, dull, and brittle hairs. Therefore, you should avoid washing your hairs every day. Prefer washing every third day or may be twice a week.

Please note: If your hair have been exposed to harsh chemicals, excessive dust and dirt, etc. you must wash them off immediately or may be as soon as possible, even if you had washed them the same morning.

Mistake 2: Using shampoo two times

We have mentioned about this mistake in the part 1 series as well. Many of us have the habit of rinsing our hair twice every time we wash them. The shampoo manufacturers mention in their label that you should rinse your hairs twice. However, experts feel they probably do this only to increase the consumption. While there is no evidence that can prove the effectiveness of rinsing twice, most of times, a single round of rinsing is sufficient to clean your hair and scalp thoroughly. Unless your hair or scalp is too dirty, avoid using shampoo twice. Also, make sure you rinse your hair and scalp well in order to wash away the shampoo residue.

Mistake 3: Using hot water for shampooing

Hot water showers can damage your hair. You must therefore, always use warm water for shampooing. However, we women tend to ignore this advice, especially during winters when it is simply impossible to resist a hot water shower. If you care about your hairs, make sure you always use warm water for rinsing off the shampoo, followed by a cold water splash. Warm water is helpful for opening the cuticles of hair, which helps in thoroughly cleaning, whereas cold water helps close the cuticles and seal in the moisture.

Mistake 4: Ignoring the conditioner

Taking out 10 minutes in the morning to enjoy your shower seems difficult for most women. No wonder why many of us ignore the conditioning part. However, there are no short cuts to shiner, healthier hairs. If you love your tresses, make sure you adjust your routine in order to find a few extra minutes for conditioning. Conditioners cut down fizz and even the friction between the hairs that cause hair breakage. Further, these products are also helpful for softening your hairs and giving them a lustrous look.

We hope this blogs acts as a revelation and help us correct our mistakes. In our next blog, we will discuss about the mistakes that we do while cleaning our face. Stay healthy and stay beautiful.