Things that you must know before you reach out for your shampoo: Part 1


The shampoo industry has seen a tremendous progress, thanks to people like us who blindly believe their commercials and get tempted to buy them. If you go by their advertisements, there is only one thing between you and long, lustrous hair; a good quality, expensive shampoo. This is true, but just partially. If you think shampoos are not quick remedies for your dull, damaged hair, you perhaps need to know more about them.

Here are a few quick facts that will help you set your expectations right.

Shampoos can’t solve hair problems caused due to bad lifestyle

If you think an expensive shampoo can give you long, lustrous, shiny, thick hairs, think again. Is it possible? Is it possible for a shampoo to help you overcome your nutritional deficiencies and prevent hair loss? Can a mere shampoo prevent greying of hairs?

The truth is that the advertisements that we frequently see on television and internet are completely misleading. Shampoos can only help you clean and maintain your hairs but they cannot improve their condition unless you take care of your diet and lifestyle. Therefore, before buying a shampoo, set your expectations right. If you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, drink a lot of fluid, and keep yourself neat and clean, you will be able to get your dream tresses without experimenting much with hair cleaning products.

More isn’t better

If you use a lot of shampoo on your hairs, expecting that this will improve their condition, be aware. Excessive shampoo can cause severe moisture loss and even damage your tresses. We use more shampoo so that we can generate more lather, which in turn will better clean our hairs. This, however, isn’t true. In fact, excessive lather can be counterproductive. Further, when you will have too much lather on your hairs, you wont be able to massage your roots well.  You must therefore, use appropriate quantity of shampoo. The amount depends on the length and volume of your hair. So, you have to find out how much is sufficient for you.

Your hair don’t develop resistance towards your shampoo

If you think your shampoo isn’t helping you as much as it used to do a few months ago, think again. Is it true? Can your hair develop a resistance towards yours shampoo? Did your face wash ever do so? Did your teeth develop any kind of resistance towards your toothpaste? Shampoo is just a cleansing product and your hairs cannot develop any form of resistance towards it. If it isn’t working, don’t change your shampoo. Instead, visit your physician to find out the exact reason for your hair problems.

Set your expectation right

Even the most expensive shampoo available at the supermarket cannot change the quality of your hairs regularly. Therefore, stop changing shampoo unless you really feel the need. Do not get lured away by the fancy advertisement or glossy bottle designs. Do not get tempted to try every new product; it won’t do any good to your hairs. Shampooing is in fact an exercise for your hair and not a treatment.

We hope this blog helped you understand what shampoos can and can’t really do. In our next blog, we will discuss some shampooing mistakes that we must avoid in order to benefit the most from these cleaning products.