New Year resolutions that every lady should make in 2015


Many of you would have already made your New Year resolutions, while many others would still be busy wrapping up your celebrations. Nevertheless, we thought we could provide you some lovely resolution ideas that can help you simplify your life and enjoy it.

If you have taken a resolution to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks, something that has been your resolution for more than 6 years, here are some doable ideas that you must try.

Get proper sleep

Dark circles, tiredness, dull face; sleeplessness can affect your life drastically. We know why we must sleep for at least 8 hours a day, but we hardly get the opportunity to get appropriate rest. Accept it or not, women across the globe suffer from lack of sleep. So, this New Year, lets promise ourselves that we will give top priority to our health and our sleep. Proper rest can make you feel energized throughout the day. It can also help improve your mood, concentrate better, and even help you lose weight! Leave the laundry for tomorrow and ask your hubby to help you in clean up so that you can get more naptime. Mild exercise also promotes sleep. So, stay active during the day to enjoy a sound sleep during the night.

Find fun in exercising

Conventional exercises such as aerobics and jogging are very boring. No wonder why we women never enjoy them. So, stop caring about them. They are not the only way to stay fit and lose weight. Instead, try some new forms of exercises that you would enjoy. Join a boot camp or find exercise buddy. If you can’t find time for exercising, walk through the stairs of your office instead of using a lift and walk down till the supermarket instead of driving. Any and every form of exercising is beneficial; you just have to bother about moving your body, that’s all.

Find time to cook

Nothing can be a better alternative to home cooked food. This year, lets try hard to stick to home cooked food as much as possible. We understand that finding time to dedicate yourself at kitchen is difficult for all of us; especially those who have to manage both home as well as office. However, is you are serious about yourself (which you should be), you must try cooking at home. Cooking is a stress buster as well.

Take out some time to pamper yourself

Your to-do list will never be over. You will keep receiving endless party invitations. Your daily chores will never allow you to do something different. But, this doesn’t mean you should become a slave of your routine. Set yourself free. Ignore some of your tasks and give yourself some time that you deserve. Do a facial, go for a sexy haircut, place cucumber slices on your eyes and listen to your favourite music, go out on social dates, read your favourite book, or may be leave everything, sit on the grass and feel your breathes. Realize that you are a human being too!

Weight loss should not be your agenda any more. Instead, living a healthy, happy life should be your resolution.