5 worst food for hair

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In our last blog, we discussed about a few things that we must eat in order to improve the quality of our hairs. Here, we will be discussing on what we must not eat. This blog will educate you about foods that can degrade the quality of your hairs and may even cause hair loss. You must stay away from them as much as possible. So, here we go:


Who doesn’t love Cakes, pastries, and puddings? They are simply irresistible. However, sweet, sugary foods are as bad for hairs as they are for skin and health. When consumes, they can increase your blood sugar level. In response to an increased blood sugar level, your body will pump out insulin and will also trigger the secretion of androgen, the male hormone. When you have increased quantity of androgen, your hair follicles will shrink, thereby affecting hair growth.

Excessive quantity of Vitamin

A If you are experiencing hair thinning, Vitamin A could be a reason to blame, especially if you are taking vitamin A supplements. Multivitamins usually do not contain Vitamin A in excessive quantity but if you have suddenly started experiencing hair thinning after taking vitamin supplements, talk to your physician. Also, do not consume any vitamin supplement without your physician’s approval.

Food that are insufficient iron and zinc

The food you eat decides the quality of skin and hairs you will have. If your diet consists of fast food that are rich in calories but too low in nutrition, especially iron and zinc, you will have poor quality hairs. The white flecks in nails are an indication that your diet needs improvement. Some of the richest sources of these minerals are red meats, green vegetables, and seafood. Iron and zinc are essential for keratin formation. So, if you miss them, you will suffer from low hair and nail growth.

High mercury fish

Fish is a wonderful foodIt is rich in protein and many essential minerals and vitamins. However, some varieties, especially the ones that have high mercury content, are not good for hairs and nails. Swordfish, tuna salmon, shrimp, etc. have high mercury content. If you love eating them try the canned ones as FDA claims they are low in mercury. People who eat a lot of fish, especially the ones whose staple diet is sushi, are more prone to suffer from high mercury levels and may experience hair and nail thinning.

High glycemic food

Food that have a high glycemic content are not good for health. Obviously, they are not good for hair lovers as well. Excessive and regular consumption of high-glycemic food such as pasta, white bread, cakes, soft drinks, etc. can lead to hair thinning whereas consumption of low-glycemic diet can   improve your overall health and give you those enviable lustrous hairs and skin that you desire. While you don’t have to give up your favourite tuna and vanilla cake, you should try your best to minimise their consumption.  We hope this blog helps you make smarter food choices. For more such helpful information, keep reading our blog. www.pinklacewigs.wordpress.com