Buying a wig? Here are the 4 ‘Cs’ that you must consider

A wrong wig can make your hairs look unnatural. Moreover, no one would prefer to disclose that he/she is wearing a wig. We have written a number of blog posts on how you can buy the most appropriate wig that will give you a natural look. In this blog, we will highlight some specific points that you must not ignore while placing the order.

full Lace wig


Choosing the most appropriate color is the biggest challenge for almost every wig buyer. You must choose something that resembles your natural hair color. Every store has their own guidelines regarding wig colors, so does ours. Check out our wig color chart here.

full Lace wig

We are sure this chart will help you choose something that best matches your original hairs. While ordering do remember the code of the color that you want to buy. To ease your task further, we have also mentioned about the highlights in the chart. If you still find it difficult to make a confident decision, buy our wig color ring. It costs just $15, but it is extremely essential for people who want to make sure they are buying the perfect hairpiece for themselves. To buy the ring, click here:


The cap is a vital element of a wig; more important than you thought. Cheap, low quality caps can make your wig inconvenient to wear. You may experience heavy sweating and may even suffer from scalp infection. Breathable caps such as the ones made of lace are the best bet. They allow proper air circulation and can be customized to match your original scalp color. This way, you will be able to style your hairs in different ways without bothering about your secret being disclosed. All our wigs are made of premium lace caps, which means, you can be rest assured that your wig will be very comfortable to wear.


Price is the biggest factor that influences buying decision. The cheaper ones available at your nearby store may tempt you but before you buy a wig, make sure you consider the quality along with the price. Low quality wigs are made of low quality materials and therefore, your wig will not last as much as you expect. Further, the cheaper material may cause allergic reactions. You may suffer from excessive sweating. There are many other reasons why you must be flexible with your budget. Whatever price range you may choose, make sure you buy a premium human hair wig.


This is another ‘C’ that should influence your buying decision. Custom-made wigs may cost you a little more, but they are worth the price. By customizing your wig, you will be able to design it the way you want. From choosing a cap color depending on your scalp color to adding baby hairs around the perimeter, you can make your wig suit your face as naturally as possible. The better it suits you, the more natural you will look. If you are not sure how you can get your wig customized, click here:

We hope this blog helps you make informed buying decision. If you still have a query, get in touch with our experts at 1-888-544.