Frequently Asked Questions about wigs: Part 1

Buying a wig requires a lot of research. Maintaining a wig requires even more efforts. Most new wig users have to struggle hard to find out genuine information about how to use their wig, wash it, wear it, store it, etc. At PinkLaceWigs, we strive hard to assist our wig users in every possible way. This blog post will help you understand your wig use better. This FAQ guide is helpful for beginners as well as experienced wig users.

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I want to buy a wig but don’t know where to start?

Ordering a wig can be a daunting task. The endless options available with hundreds of wig stores can further multiply your worries. Stop worrying and start your research.

  1. Before you buy a wig, find out the varieties available in the market and then decide which type fits your requirement. To know more about the wig types, click here: “human hairs versus synthetic hairs which one should you choose
  2. Once you have decided the composition, its time to decide the budget. Keep your budget flexible. Good quality wigs are going to cost you a few more dollars.
  3. Choose a genuine wig seller like PinkLaceWigs for buying your wig. Never buy wigs from just any store. Cheap or low quality wigs do not look real. Moreover, they are not comfortable to wear and may cause hair and scalp problems.
  4. Check out the available options that fit your budget as well as preferences.
  5. Order your wig. If you one to customize it, measure your head properly. For help, click here: “ordering customized wig how to measure correctly
  6. Also, decide the density and texture that you want.
  7. Bingo! You have ordered your wig successfully.

How do I take care of my wig?

Wigs do require some attention and care. You have to clean them regularly. You have to store them properly. Unless you give them the treatment that they deserve, they will lose their charm. Thankfully, treating them respectfully doesn’t require much time. Make sure you clean them on a regular basis so that they stay dirt-free. Use good quality products that are free of harsh chemicals. Store them properly on a wig head or in their covers so that they stay tangle-free. Read our previous blogs for some helpful wig maintenance tips. Click here to access them: “here is the right approach to detangle your wig” or “here is what you need to know to make your wig las longer

Can I use regular hair care products on my wig?

We strongly recommend you to use specific wig care products. No matter how expensive your wig is, it is still delicate and the chemicals present in your regular products may shorten its life. It may get tangled. It may lose its shine. The strands may become dry and may break. To ensure that your wig lasts as much as it should, always use products that are specifically manufactured for them. If you are not sure, consult a wig expert or ask your wig store people to help you choose the safest products for it.

Since they are not my natural hairs, can I style them as I want?

Of course you can. Wigs are no more necessity. They have become fashion accessory as well. Women, who don’t want to experiment a lot with their hairs, prefer using a wig. Premium quality wigs such as the ones available with us can be styled in any way without revealing your secret. While styling keep in mind that you wig is as prone to damage as your natural hairs are. So, avoid over-styling.

Keep reading our blog to find out more details about your wig and how you can enjoy using it.