Human hairs versus synthetic hairs: which one should you choose?

New to wigs? No idea which one will suit you? Want something that lasts long, gives you natural look, and requires very less maintenance?

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If yes, you are at the right place. This blog will help you narrow down your search and find something that will appropriately suit your requirement. Here, we will be discussing about various wig compositions and their benefits as well as drawbacks.

Wigs are mostly made of either human hairs or synthetic hairs. Both of them have their own benefits as well as limitations. Although both are equally good for use, the choice may depend on budget, time, and needs. Here is a brief comparison between both of them. We hope this comparison will help you choose your wig confidently.

Human hairs


Human hair wigs are unquestionably the best bet for any wig users. They will give you a natural look that cannot be easily achieved otherwise. Human hairs are remarkably soft and have natural shine. They can be styled easily. You can cut them, curl them, straighten them, and style them in any way you want. This versatility makes human hair wigs the most preferred choice of wig users. Further, they are extremely comfortable to wear and when maintained properly, natural hair wigs can last longer than the synthetic wigs.


The only drawback of human hair wigs is that they are a bit more expensive. However, if you are planning to use this wig for a long time, it is a worthy investment.

More details:

Usually, four types of human hairs are used for making wigs. They are;

  • Chinese hairs: They are not frequently used. This is because Chinese hairs have a thicker denier, which makes them less versatile. Styling them is difficult, as they have a tendency to stay straightened.
  • Indonesian hairs: It is frequently in use but the quality is not very satisfactory.
  • Indian hairs: They are most versatile human hairs. They have a thinner denier and therefore, you can style them as you want. You can cut them, straighten them, curl them, perm them, and dye them as per your preference. They are superior quality hairs and therefore, you can expect the wigs to last longer.
  • European hairs: They are also very versatile, but their supply is very limited. This is the reason why European hair wigs are very expensive.

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Synthetic hairs


A few decades back, synthetic hair wigs used to look as if they are made for mannequin. However, with technological advancement, they have improved dramatically in quality. These days, synthetic hair wigs look as real as the ones made of human hairs. They have the same texture and shine that natural hairs have. In many cases, you will find it hard to tell the difference between both of them. Such wigs are ready to use; just take it out of its box and wear it. You don’t need to style it or set it. Synthetic hairs have a tendency to retain their form and texture even in bad weather. Frizzing or dropping are minimal. Synthetic hair wigs are quite affordable. So, if you are on a budget or have a short-term need, synthetic wigs are perfect for you.


  • It lacks versatility. You cannot style it unless it is made of heat resistant fibre. Even the heat resistant ones are difficult to style.
  • It is less durable as compared to human hair wigs. If you are looking for something that can last for a year or even more, synthetic wigs should not be your choice.

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