Issues that wig users frequently face due to their own mistakes

A wig is a wonderful creation of man. It can help you look good even if you have few hairs that could be a result of disease or bad lifestyle. It is also an amazing investment for a fashionista, who loves to change her hairstyle frequently, but does not want to try excessive styling on her natural hairs. From a necessity, wigs have evolved to become a fashion accessory. They have also evolved in quality. They are typically safe for use. However, if you don’t follow the guidelines well, you may suffer from a few issues.

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Here are some such issues that wig wearers usually face:


Its hard to believe but wearing wigs for extended period can cause headache to many. Please note that the headache has nothing to do with the wig. You can suffer from such headache even if you wear a bandana or a headband for a long time. Such headaches are caused due to pressure that you put on your head by wearing them too tightly. This problem can be easily alleviated by loosening the wig slightly. If you have been suffering from mild but persistent headache, try wearing your hair replacement or accessories loosely and see if it makes any difference.

Excessive hair loss

Many wig users complain about excessive hair loss when they wear a wig. While this is true, it happens only because of your own mistake and not due to your wig. If you don’t keep your scalp and your wig hygienic, you are most likely to suffer from hair loss and even scalp infection. Even if your natural hairs are not exposed to dust and dirt, you must clean them regularly, even during winters.

  • Wash them with normal water and condition them as usual.
  • Always dry your hairs completely before wearing the wig.

Make sure you wash it every two weeks or as recommended by the wig manufacturer. For detailed cleaning instruction, read our previous blog here : HAIR CARE TIPS FOR THIS WINTER

  • Before wearing the wig, comb your hairs and detangle them. Make sure the hairs are positioned properly and are not jammed under the wig. Jamming can cause severe tangling and hair loss.
  • Expose your natural hairs to fresh air regularly so that your scalp stays dry.

Hair diseases

Dandruff, scalp infection, hair breakages, dry hairs, itchy scalp, etc. are some common problems that you may face if you are a regular wig user. In most cases, this happens due to poor wig quality. If your wig is made of poor quality material, your hairs and scalp may not be able to breathe. Your sweat may not dry. You may suffer from poor scalp hygiene and this may lead to various scalp and hair problems. You must therefore, never buy low quality, cheap wigs. Your wig represents you and therefore, you must buy the best quality one that you can find within your budget. Buy from genuine wig manufacturers.

We hope this blog helps you understand the frequent mistakes that wig users make. For more such informative blog posts, keep reading our blog.


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