Hair care tips for this winter

Winters are not only harsh for your skin but also for your hairs. If not cared properly, your tresses can become dry and brittle. They will start looking dull. You can even experience excessive hair fall. During cold weather, your hairs require as much attention as your skin does. Here are some winter care tips that must follow if you want your hairs to stay healthy and lustrous.

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  • Cover your hairs whenever possible. Do not leave them open during winters. This will make them dry out. You should retain their moisture as much as possible and, to do this, you have to keep them covered. Mufflers, caps, scarps, hooded jackets, sweaters; you have numerous options to choose from. Use them to shield your hairs from the chilling weather. Save the ‘free flowing’ hairstyles for special occasions. Apart from using hair accessories, you can also use wigs to protect your hairs from the cold weather.
  • Do not use hot water for washing your hairs. Hot water can cause dryness. Prefer normal water instead.
  • When you are at home, tie your hairs into a bun and cover it with a satin cap. This way, you will be able to retain their moisture for a longer duration. You should also use satin scarf or bonnet at night. Many experts also suggest that you should switch your cotton pillow covers with the satin ones.
  • Even if you are using a wig, make sure you clean and moisturize your hairs regularly. Use a heavy, leave-on moisturizer instead of your regular one. Hairs tend to become drier during winters and a medium level conditioner may not be able to deal with the moisture loss.
  • Avoid hair care or styling products that have alcohol, as they will dry out your hairs. Instead, prefer the ones that have cocoa butter, olive oil, etc.
  • Make sure you dry your hairs completely before going out. If they are not completely dry, the cold air outside will freeze the moisture in them, thereby making them more brittle and dry.
  • A humidifier is not only recommended for your skin but also for your hairs too. When you use heaters, the air inside becomes very dry and this makes your skin and hairs dry out. A humidifier will prevent this.
  • Do not use woollen hats directly on your hairs. Wool, when rubbed on your hairs, can cause friction and can even damage your hairs severely. First cover them with a satin cap and them put on a woollen hat or cap.

Winter season makes your hairs fragile and more prone to damages. Treat your hairs carefully. If you have not yet invested in a good quality wig, check out our amazing range of readily available full-lace wigs. We have high quality products available at heavily discounted prices, making them affordable to everyone. To place order, get in touch with us at 1-888-544.