No slide backs or rollouts please: How to prevent your wig from sliding back

There is nothing to feel embarrassed about your wig. If you don’t have voluminous hair or want to get a specific look, wearing a wig is the most practical solution that you have. However, most of us want to keep our hair extensions a secret. We are therefore, always in a lookout for concrete solutions that will help us keep our wigs in position. Adhesives are a great way to ensure that your secret is not revealed but using them in the right way can make a lot of difference.

Lace front wigs
Here are some tips that you should follow in order to prevent your wig from sliding back.
• Before applying your wig, make sure that your scalp, forehead, and hairs are oil free. Also, never apply wig on sweaty scalp or forehead. Oil and sweat can make it difficult for the adhesive to work. It may not last as long as it should and may roll back before you could realize. To clean up oil from your hairline, use 91% alcohol.
• After you have removed the oil, let the alcohol dry completely before applying the scalp protector.
• Before you use the wig, make sure you flatten your hair as much as possible. This will help your wig lay flat, look natural, and stay glued. A wig cap is therefore, mandatory for all wig users.
• Roll backs and sliding are more frequent when your lace wig is either too small or too big for your head. If your wig does fit your head well, you have to constantly struggle hard to make it stay at place. Even if you use a good quality adhesive, you still can’t be sure about rollbacks. Therefore, while ordering your wig, make sure you take correct measurements. Measure thrice to confirm the size.
• One of the most common issues that most wig users face is constant lifting of the lace at the nape. This happens because the lace is bigger than required. Wear your wig and raise your head to look at the ceiling. If the lace extends beyond the crease of the nape, it is bigger than required. Cut down the excess lace from the back to make it fit on the nape well. If you are not sure, seek professional help. If the lace is bigger than required, roll backs could be a common problem.
• While wearing your wig, bend your head and rest your chin as down as possible. This will ensure that your nape area stays glued.
• If your sideburns are too long, they will slide back when you try making a pony or a bun. Make sure they do not extend down on your face. Cut down the excessive part. If you are a new wig user or are not comfortable in doing so, seek professional help.
We hope now you know why slide-backs are so common and how we can get rid of such embarrassing issues. For more such details, keep reading our blog. Like us on Facebook and you could get a lace wig for free! To like our facebook page click here