Here is the right approach to detangle your wig

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We all hate tangles and why would not we? They hurt us and make our hairs look unmanageable. Unfortunately, both wigs and your natural hairs are prone to tangling. No matter how expensive your wig is, if you don’t store it properly, it will get unmanageable and ugly-looking knots.

Improper detangling techniques can severely shorten the life of your wig. Here is the right way to untangle those messy knots.

Step 1: Wash your wig

Washing is not always necessary, but the experts at Pink Lace Wigs strongly recommend that you must clean your wig before you try to untangle it. Cleaning will help remove the dust, dirt, and oil clinging to the strands. In our last blog on ‘Here is what you need to know to make your wig last longer’, we had mentioned how you should wash your wig. In case you missed it, here is a brief process that will help you:

  • Fill a sink with water (neither hot nor cold) and pour an ounce of wig shampoo in it.
  • Dip your wig in it for a few minutes and then lightly rub the strands with your fingers.
  • Run your fingers through the strands slowly and carefully. Do not put too much pressure or else you may damage them.
  • Rinse it well and hang it on a wig head or foam ball.
  • Apply wig conditioner to loosen the most stubborn tangles.
  • Let it dry naturally. Do not blow dry. Also, do not try to untangle the strands when the wig is wet. Let it dry completely.

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Step 2: Use conditioner to loosen the tangles

Once the wig is completely dry, spray some wig conditioner on it. Run your fingers through it to loosen the big knots. Do not much pressure. Run your fingers as softly as possible, working out through all the knots that you may come across. Keep doing this until the strands look fairly smooth to you.

Now, it’s time to use your favorite wide-toothed comb. Work from the bottom to the top carefully untangling the knots. Divide your wig into sections to make it more convenient. After combing, your wig should look pretty good. You can use your wig brush to further smoothen it out.

Step 3: Store your wig carefully

In case you are not planning to use the wig right way, here is how you can store it so that it doesn’t get tangled again:

  • If you have long wig, make a very loose braid and wrap it around the base of the wig head. Now, place the wig in its bag. Make sure the braid is very loose or else the strands may become wavy.
  • If the wig isn’t too long, twist the strands lightly and coil it up inside out. Place the coiled part in a netting cap and place the wig’s original net on it.

We hope this blog helps you appropriately detangle your wig. For more such helpful information, keep reading our blog.