How to spot a cheap lace front wig!

In today’s industry, I am sure that we all have encountered some young ladies wearing cheap lace wigs! For those of you who don’t know, let me tell you. These wig you can find at your local beauty supply stores, you can find them online on particular websites and we will not name any name here. However I will tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words. For example, the lace wig cost like $40 and the only have 1 picture of the wig on their website and the picture is not very detailed. No close up shots of the hair line, no side view and when you look closely at the hair line you can’t really tell it’s a lace wig at all. This Ladies is what we call a cheap lace front wig. They look so unnatural that you could tell even from 30 feet away that the girl in the grocery store is wearing one. YES it looks very thick in the front and honestly, you could have just found an old fashioned full wig that could have looked better than that. They have very little parting room in the front so there are really no ways to free style part this kind of wig. The hair is usually always synthetic with no heat resistance so you can curl it! Now I am not saying that synthetic lace wigs are not good, but there is also a quality synthetic lace wig and a poor quality cheap synthetic lace wig.