5 worst food for hair

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In our last blog, we discussed about a few things that we must eat in order to improve the quality of our hairs. Here, we will be discussing on what we must not eat. This blog will educate you about foods that can degrade the quality of your hairs and may even cause hair loss. You must stay away from them as much as possible. So, here we go:


Who doesn’t love Cakes, pastries, and puddings? They are simply irresistible. However, sweet, sugary foods are as bad for hairs as they are for skin and health. When consumes, they can increase your blood sugar level. In response to an increased blood sugar level, your body will pump out insulin and will also trigger the secretion of androgen, the male hormone. When you have increased quantity of androgen, your hair follicles will shrink, thereby affecting hair growth.

Excessive quantity of Vitamin

A If you are experiencing hair thinning, Vitamin A could be a reason to blame, especially if you are taking vitamin A supplements. Multivitamins usually do not contain Vitamin A in excessive quantity but if you have suddenly started experiencing hair thinning after taking vitamin supplements, talk to your physician. Also, do not consume any vitamin supplement without your physician’s approval.

Food that are insufficient iron and zinc

The food you eat decides the quality of skin and hairs you will have. If your diet consists of fast food that are rich in calories but too low in nutrition, especially iron and zinc, you will have poor quality hairs. The white flecks in nails are an indication that your diet needs improvement. Some of the richest sources of these minerals are red meats, green vegetables, and seafood. Iron and zinc are essential for keratin formation. So, if you miss them, you will suffer from low hair and nail growth.

High mercury fish

Fish is a wonderful foodIt is rich in protein and many essential minerals and vitamins. However, some varieties, especially the ones that have high mercury content, are not good for hairs and nails. Swordfish, tuna salmon, shrimp, etc. have high mercury content. If you love eating them try the canned ones as FDA claims they are low in mercury. People who eat a lot of fish, especially the ones whose staple diet is sushi, are more prone to suffer from high mercury levels and may experience hair and nail thinning.

High glycemic food

Food that have a high glycemic content are not good for health. Obviously, they are not good for hair lovers as well. Excessive and regular consumption of high-glycemic food such as pasta, white bread, cakes, soft drinks, etc. can lead to hair thinning whereas consumption of low-glycemic diet can   improve your overall health and give you those enviable lustrous hairs and skin that you desire. While you don’t have to give up your favourite tuna and vanilla cake, you should try your best to minimise their consumption.  We hope this blog helps you make smarter food choices. For more such helpful information, keep reading our blog. www.pinklacewigs.wordpress.com

Here are some perfect Christmas gifts hair lovers

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Christmas is just around the corner and we are sure you must be busy buying gifts for your near and dear ones. If you have a lady in your life who is crazy about her hairs, we may suggest you a perfect gift for her. The gifts we are suggesting below are sure to pamper her tresses and encourage her to love you even more.

Silk and bonnet silk cap


Lace front wig

The cold weather can cause a lot of dryness. Instead of leaving your hairs untied while sleeping, ask your lady to cover them up in our silk cap. It is made of pure silk and, is therefore helpful for preventing dryness. It can also minimize hair loss that happens due to friction. Our bonnets fit all head sizes and have extra rooms to accommodate long, thick hairs. The adjustable elastic edge makes them extremely comfortable to wear. They have a cute lace detailing that makes them a perfect Christmas gift for almost any lady. Order now!

Travel kit for hairs


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Let your lady stay relaxed while travelling. Gift this premium quality hair care kit that is especially designed for travel. It consists of Devacurl one conditioner, Conditioning cleaner, gel, and fizz-free spray. This kit is perfect for curly hairs. You can also use it for your wig.

  • The No Poo conditioning cleaner creates healthy and bouncy curls. It also softens the hairs. It is made of premium quality materials and therefore, provides you maximum possible fizz protection.
  • The conditioner available with this kit is helpful for keeping your hairs manageable.
  • This kit also has a curl defining non-sticky gel.
  • There is a fizz free spray that will ensure that your hairs remain manageable for a long time.

Women across all ages will love this kit.

Hair accessories

Lace front wig

No women can have enough of themJ. We have some cute bejewelled hair accessories that will certainly adorn the tresses of your loved ones. Check out the available options here: http://www.pinklacewigs.com/Hair-Accessories_c_122.html

From headbands to ponytail holders and one touch hair pins, our hair accessories are worth considering as a Christmas gift. They are available at highly affordable prices. We know that price doesn’t matter when it comes to gifting your loved ones but thought we should mention this just in case you are looking for budget gifts.

Nano ceramic flat iron


Lace front wig

What could be better than this? This nano ceramic flat iron is made with exclusive SmartHeat technology. It has four different settings for four different hair types. You select your type and get silky straight hairs without much hassle. The settings are for coarse hairs, normal hairs, thin hairs, and synthetic hairs, i.e. wigs.  The nano ceramic plates help straightening easier and safe. It comes with two year warranty. We are offering amazing discounts on this product.

We hope you like our Christmas gift ideas. For assistance regarding placing the order, get in touch with us at 1-888-544.


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Taking care of your hair during the Holiday season: some helpful tips

December is a month of parties, get-togethers, vacations, and celebrations. This is a season when we are too busy to take care of ourselves. Hairs get the least priority in terms of care. You style them in a different every time you step out. Excessive usage of styling products, hot irons, curlers, etc. make them suffer a lot. After the New Year fever is over, you realize the damage that you did to your hairs. If you love your tresses like anything and do not want them become dull and lifeless at the end of this season, here are some hair care tips that you must follow.


  • Do not ignore washing. We understand that shampooing is very difficult during winters but it is the only effective way to clean the dust, dirt, snow, chemicals, etc, that your hairs accumulate when you are busy partying around. So, shampoo your hairs as frequently as you can, preferably twice a week. If you are using a wig, wash it at least once a week or may be twice, if required.
  • Since the weather will dry outside, you will have to condition your hairs regularly. Try a leave on conditioner as it will sit on your hairs and will form a thin film, preventing it from coming in contact with harmful chemicals and other party supplies such as artificial snow and confetti.
  • Oiling your hairs is necessary during this season, as you will be mostly inside a centrally heated place. Central heating is bad for your hairs as it is for your skin. It will dry your body out. You can use a mist spray regularly to keep your tressed moisturized throughout the day.
  • Make sure you take plenty of fluid to replenish the moisture loss that is common during winters.
  • Since you will be styling your hairs more often, make sure you use a heat protector to protect your hairs from heat. Browse our online store to check out the hair care products that we have. We are sure you will find all of them extremely useful.
  • Excessive styling can be bad for your hairs. Therefore, we suggest you to invest in some good quality wigs that best suit you.
  • Whether you are going out on a vacation or are having back-to-back party plans, taking care of your diet will be difficult for you. However, try your best to eat a balanced diet that is rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Cover your hairs when you are out. By covering, you will be able to keep them warm and prevent them from becoming dry and brittle. Do not use a woollen cap directly on your head. First, cover them with a satin cloth and then use a woollen one. Wool can further dry your hairs out.

We hope these tips help you keep your hairs healthy and shiny during the party season. Following all these tips may not be possible for you, but try your best to take out some time for your tresses. Good luck and enjoy! www.pinklacewigs.com

How To Clean Your Blowdryer

Your hot-air blower will be running like new after putting this 60-second tutorial to use. Pin now and do tonight to ensure that your next at-home blowout comes out its best. 

how to cleanyour blowdryer

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Our much-awaited sale is here. Ladies, spare no expenses today. Buy the most relevant piece for your head, as we are offering 15% #discounts of all wig purchase over $100. Use Promo code FRIDAY-14 to avail the #WigsDiscount. Or Try one of these TREMENDOUSLY discounted items here: http://bit.ly/1y7mT7u

 Lace Wigs

Buying a wig? Here are the 4 ‘Cs’ that you must consider

A wrong wig can make your hairs look unnatural. Moreover, no one would prefer to disclose that he/she is wearing a wig. We have written a number of blog posts on how you can buy the most appropriate wig that will give you a natural look. In this blog, we will highlight some specific points that you must not ignore while placing the order.

full Lace wig


Choosing the most appropriate color is the biggest challenge for almost every wig buyer. You must choose something that resembles your natural hair color. Every store has their own guidelines regarding wig colors, so does ours. Check out our wig color chart here. http://www.pinklacewigs.com/Wig-Color-Chart_c_14.html.

full Lace wig

We are sure this chart will help you choose something that best matches your original hairs. While ordering do remember the code of the color that you want to buy. To ease your task further, we have also mentioned about the highlights in the chart. If you still find it difficult to make a confident decision, buy our wig color ring. It costs just $15, but it is extremely essential for people who want to make sure they are buying the perfect hairpiece for themselves. To buy the ring, click here: http://www.pinklacewigs.com/Hair-Color-Ring_p_377.html


The cap is a vital element of a wig; more important than you thought. Cheap, low quality caps can make your wig inconvenient to wear. You may experience heavy sweating and may even suffer from scalp infection. Breathable caps such as the ones made of lace are the best bet. They allow proper air circulation and can be customized to match your original scalp color. This way, you will be able to style your hairs in different ways without bothering about your secret being disclosed. All our wigs are made of premium lace caps, which means, you can be rest assured that your wig will be very comfortable to wear.


Price is the biggest factor that influences buying decision. The cheaper ones available at your nearby store may tempt you but before you buy a wig, make sure you consider the quality along with the price. Low quality wigs are made of low quality materials and therefore, your wig will not last as much as you expect. Further, the cheaper material may cause allergic reactions. You may suffer from excessive sweating. There are many other reasons why you must be flexible with your budget. Whatever price range you may choose, make sure you buy a premium human hair wig.


This is another ‘C’ that should influence your buying decision. Custom-made wigs may cost you a little more, but they are worth the price. By customizing your wig, you will be able to design it the way you want. From choosing a cap color depending on your scalp color to adding baby hairs around the perimeter, you can make your wig suit your face as naturally as possible. The better it suits you, the more natural you will look. If you are not sure how you can get your wig customized, click here: http://www.pinklacewigs.com/Build-Your-Own-Lace-Wig_c_26.html

We hope this blog helps you make informed buying decision. If you still have a query, get in touch with our experts at 1-888-544.



Five budget friendly wigs for students

Wigs are no more accessories; they have become a basic necessity these days. However, a good quality wig come at a premium price. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a premium quality human hair custom-made wig. Here, we are listing down a few affordable, yet durable wigs that are perfect for students who want to cover up their thin natural hairs.

Lace Front wig

 (Light Yaki) Lace Front Wig in 1B Off Black 12 Inches

This stylish 12 inch long wig is perfect for teens and youngsters who prefer trendy salon-like hairs every day. It measures 12 inches in length and is available in jet black, off black, darkest brown and medium brown colors. The length can also be increased, but for an extra charge. The hair density of this wig is light-medium. The cap is made of lace material and, therefore, this wig is extremely comfortable to wear. It is readily available with us and therefore, we will be able to ship it within 24 hours of placing the order. Order it today to get it at a heavily discounted price. To buy this wig click here: http://www.pinklacewigs.com/Light-Yaki-Lace-Front-Wig-in-1B-Off-Black-12-Inches_p_803.html

Lace Front wig

1B (Silky Straight) Lace Front Wig 18″

This wig will be your best buy. It is perfect for young girls who prefer to leave their hairs untied. The cap is of lace material and, therefore, it is almost  undetectable. You can part the hairs anywhere and can make any hairstyle that you want. The length of the strands is 18 inches. The density is light-medium. This wig has baby hairs around the perimeter and is sure to give you a classy look. Buy it today at an unbelievable price of $180. To buy this wig click here: http://www.pinklacewigs.com/1B-Silky-Straight-Lace-Front-Wig-18-CLEARANCE_p_799.html

Lace Front wig


#2 Dark Brown Yaki Texture Lace Front Wig 12 Inches

Perfect for young girls who want something that is easy to wear and requires low maintenance. This wig has yaki hair texture and measures 12 inches. It is perfect for girls who prefer short hairs. The cap is made of durable French lace and is completely undetectable. You may choose different hair colors as per your preference. The wig is made of heat resistant strands and therefore, you can style the hairs as you want. Buy it today before it gets sold out! To buy this wig click here: http://www.pinklacewigs.com/2-Dark-Brown-Yaki-Texture-Lace-Front-Wig-12-Inches_p_807.html

Lace Front wig



#2 Dark Brown Yaki Texture Lace Front Wig 10 Inches

Yet another amazing product from our shop. This wig is perfect for girls who love short, easy to maintain hairs. The length measure 10 inches, but can be increased for additional charges. Jet black, off black, darkest brown, and dark medium brown hair colors are available. The cap is made of lace material and, therefore, you can style the hairs as you want. This wig is readily available with us and we will be able to ship it within 24 hours of receiving your order. Currently, we are offering lucrative discounts on this wig. You can now buy it at an exclusive price of $140. To buy this wig click here: http://www.pinklacewigs.com/2-Dark-Brown-Yaki-Texture-Lace-Front-Wig-10-Inches_p_804.html

Lace Front wig

These low-budget but highly durable wigs cannot be customized. Nevertheless, they are some of the most amazing options we have. If you are looking for customizable wigs, click here: http://www.pinklacewigs.com/Build-Your-Own-Lace-Wig_c_26.html


Frequently asked questions about wigs: part 2

In our last blog, we discussed some most frequently asked questions about wigs. Here, we will be continuing the discussion and will cover some other important questions that many wig users have in their mind.

Full Lace wigs

How can I make my wig look more natural?

No woman would ever want to disclose that she is wearing a wig. If you want to keep it a secret, always buy premium quality wigs that are made of human hairs. They tend to look more natural than the substandard varieties that you can buy from your next-door store. Wigs should be treated as a major investment and not as an accessory. Always buy them from genuine sellers who use good quality materials and innovative technologies to make something that, when used, will resemble your natural hairs.

Is it true that wigs can cause sweating?

Yes, wigs can make you sweat and why wouldn’t they? They are an additional cover in your head. However, if you use a good quality wig, sweating will not be an issue. Wigs available with us are made of lace caps. Such caps are breathable, which means, they allow air circulation into the scalp and therefore, the sweat will dry out fast instead of leaving you with a sweaty, itchy scalp. For more comfort, you can use sweat liners.

Can I curl or straighten the wig as and when I want?

It depends on the quality of wig you have. You can style your hairs as you want but make sure you buy something that is heat resistant. Our wigs are made of premium quality products that can be curled or straightened as desired. The cheaper ones may not have this versatility.

Why are your wigs so expensive? I have seen wigs that are available at $75.

Even we have wigs that are under $100. They are synthetic wigs and not real human hair wigs. You may check out the options here: http://www.pinklacewigs.com/Synthetic-Lace-Front-Wigs_c_71.html

The price of the wig depends on many factors including the quality of materials used and the process used for making them. Our so-called expensive varieties are made of real human hairs and are hand knit. They have a lace cap that is almost undetectable. This is the reason why they are expensive.

Can I cut or trim wig?

Yes, you can, but we would suggest you to take it to a professional instead of doing it yourself. Trimming wig is an art and not a DIY thing. A wig expert will be able to do a better job than you can.

I have a sensitive scalp. Which wig should I buy?

You must buy a human hair wig made of lace cap. Premium quality wigs are safer for people who have a sensitive scalp. Such wigs are breathable and will allow complete ventilation of your scalp, thereby helping you maintain hygiene.

I don’t need my wig any more. What can I do with it?

Donate it. This is the best thing you can do with your wig. Instead of letting it gather dust, give it to someone needy. For help, click here: http://www.merchantcircle.com/blogs/Pink.Lace.Wigs.202-658-7122/2014/11/Don-t-need-your-wig-anymore-Donate-it-/1206530

We hope we have covered all important questions. In case we missed something, do leave a comment and we will reply to your queries as soon as possible.


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