Common wig care mistakes that you should avoid


From over-the-counter serums to professional treatments; wig lovers these days leave no stone unaltered to ensure that their ‘hairs replacement’ lasts longer and looks as good as their natural hairs. However, even after spending a fortune, we are very often dissatisfied with the longevity of our wigs. We all want them to stay healthy, shiny, and strong but unfortunately, most of us do not know how to treat them or care for them.


If you own a ‘priceless’ lace wig, here are a few things that you should avoid doing so that your wig meets your expectation.

  1. Choose the wig care products carefully. The over-the-counter serums and shampoos may not be suitable for it. The products available at supermarkets may damage the strands. Stay away from them as much as possible. Always buy high quality, genuine products available at specialized wig stores such as the ones available at Pink Lace Wigs.
  2. Do not over-expose your wig to chlorinated water. Excessive chlorine can damage the strands permanently.
  3. Avoid exposing your lace wig to the sun. UV rays are as harmful for your wig as they are for your natural hairs and skin.
  4. Wig trimming is certainly not a DIY thing. You may not be able to do a good job and may end up damaging it badly. In case your wig needs trimming, seek professional help. Trust the experts instead of choosing a low-cost service.
  5. Avoid dyeing your wig frequently. In case you want to dye it, seek professional help. Do not try to do it yourself. Dyeing wigs requires as much perfection as dying natural hairs and only professionals will be able to do it appropriately.
  6. Styling your hairs is a great way to spruce up your look, but avoid over-styling. Those hair straightening rods and blow dryers are as bad for your wig as they are for your natural hairs. Frequent use can decrease the longevity of your hair replacement.
  7. Do not put too much tension while brushing your hairs. Excessive pulling can weaken the strands. Brush carefully, starting from the bottom and working upwards. If your wig has got tangled, read our previous blog post on ‘The right approach to detangle your wig’.
  8. Store your wig carefully. Do not throw it in your drawer. Use a proper wig head to hold it.


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Here is the right approach to detangle your wig


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We all hate tangles and why would not we? They hurt us and make our hairs look unmanageable. Unfortunately, both wigs and your natural hairs are prone to tangling. No matter how expensive your wig is, if you don’t store it properly, it will get unmanageable and ugly-looking knots.

Improper detangling techniques can severely shorten the life of your wig. Here is the right way to untangle those messy knots.

Step 1: Wash your wig

Washing is not always necessary, but the experts at Pink Lace Wigs strongly recommend that you must clean your wig before you try to untangle it. Cleaning will help remove the dust, dirt, and oil clinging to the strands. In our last blog on ‘Here is what you need to know to make your wig last longer’, we had mentioned how you should wash your wig. In case you missed it, here is a brief process that will help you:

  • Fill a sink with water (neither hot nor cold) and pour an ounce of wig shampoo in it.
  • Dip your wig in it for a few minutes and then lightly rub the strands with your fingers.
  • Run your fingers through the strands slowly and carefully. Do not put too much pressure or else you may damage them.
  • Rinse it well and hang it on a wig head or foam ball.
  • Apply wig conditioner to loosen the most stubborn tangles.
  • Let it dry naturally. Do not blow dry. Also, do not try to untangle the strands when the wig is wet. Let it dry completely.

full lace wigs

Step 2: Use conditioner to loosen the tangles

Once the wig is completely dry, spray some wig conditioner on it. Run your fingers through it to loosen the big knots. Do not much pressure. Run your fingers as softly as possible, working out through all the knots that you may come across. Keep doing this until the strands look fairly smooth to you.

Now, it’s time to use your favorite wide-toothed comb. Work from the bottom to the top carefully untangling the knots. Divide your wig into sections to make it more convenient. After combing, your wig should look pretty good. You can use your wig brush to further smoothen it out.

Step 3: Store your wig carefully

In case you are not planning to use the wig right way, here is how you can store it so that it doesn’t get tangled again:

  • If you have long wig, make a very loose braid and wrap it around the base of the wig head. Now, place the wig in its bag. Make sure the braid is very loose or else the strands may become wavy.
  • If the wig isn’t too long, twist the strands lightly and coil it up inside out. Place the coiled part in a netting cap and place the wig’s original net on it.

We hope this blog helps you appropriately detangle your wig. For more such helpful information, keep reading our blog.

Here is what you need to know to make your wig last longer


Wigs are wonderful accessories. Sometimes you need them to add volume to your thin hairs, sometimes for protecting your natural hairs, sometimes for adding length, and many a times for getting a specific look. A good quality, natural looking wig requires a significant investment. More than that, it requires as much care as your natural hairs do. From brushing carefully to washing regularly; you have to take care of your wig as if it is real. We at Pink Lace Wigs have found that very often people ignore them, only to regret later. If you are one of them, here are a few dos and don’ts that you should follow in order to prolong their life.


A few things that you must do:

  • Invest in a good quality wig brush. Your wide-tooth comb cannot detangle your wig as gently as a wig brush can. Unlike hair brushes that have rubber tips, wig brushes have specially looped tips that are helpful in detangling the strands without putting much pressure on them.
  • Store your wig properly. Good storage will ensure that it retains its shape and style for a longer duration. If you have invested in an expensive Full Lace wig, buy a wig head to hold it when you are not using it. Foam heads are quite inexpensive but in case you do not have too much storage space, you can use newspaper balls to hold them.
  • Wash your wig regularly, at least after every 10 uses. If you don’t wash them, they will start looking dull and may start smelling foul. Fill your sink with water and pour an ounce of good quality shampoo, (preferably wig shampoo) in it. Dip the wig and leave for 5 minutes. Run your fingers through it so that it gets cleaned thoroughly. Rinse well and place it on the wig head. Let it dry naturally.

A few things that you must not do:

  • Do not use hot water to clean your wig.
  • Even if you are having a heat resistant wig, do not blow dry it. Let it dry naturally.
  • When it is wet, do not rub it or shake it, as this may cause tangling.
  • Never try to trim it yourself. Seek professional help.
  • Do not fold the wig or else it may lose its shape and style easily.
  • Do not use it while cooking. Protect it from heat and dust as much as possible.
  • Limit the amount of styling. Even if you have a heat resistant wig, excessive styling can decrease its life. Treat them like normal hairs. When styling, use the lowest temperature setting.

We hope this information helps you take care of your wig properly. For more details, get in touch with us at 1-888-544 Or log on to



With changing environment and aging, people are prone to go bald. To prevent this and find alternate means, there are many inventions and research going on. The most traditional alternate for bald is a wig. In this article, we will find how wigs are done and where is the best place to buy wigs online.

lace front wigs


The basic definition of a ‘wig’ is a covering for head made of synthetic or real hair. Wigs are worn for more than one purpose like aesthetics, theatre, ceremonies or medical reasons. People who have lost hair due to cancer, wigs come as a mode of emotional support and minimises the emotional trauma they go through. Wigs have a history rooting back to the 18th century. Beginning of the nineteenth century brought a new image to wigs. Until the end of the 19th century, wigs were considered as a symbol of social status. Today, wigs are considered as an accessory in the world of theatre, entertainment and movies.



With advanced technologies and constantly changing fashion industry, there are various types of wigs available in the market today. After completing all the steps involved in producing a wig, the styling factor comes into play at that moment. The styling of a wig is the final step and is done in a same way as a stylist does in a hair salon.  Nowadays, there are many styles available, some of them are:

The lace front wigs is the most popular wig of the present time and this is because it provides a realistic and undetectable hairline. Most women prefer to keep the fact that they are using wig a secret. A lace wig is the kind of wig, most women prefer, but there are many types of wigs in these and it is necessary to learn all about them before going for a lace wig.

Lace front hand tied cap:

This handmade cap bears a light front that exposes a natural hair front. The cap is completely hand tied and comes with a stretch material to ensure complete fixture of wig proportionally. The caps are adjustable according to the user’s comfort.


Lace front open cap

Lace front open cap is not hand tied and also has a natural hairline. This is considered to be the most economical wig and is recommended for people who are first time wig wearers. These wigs also look natural and is flexible and provides the natural comfort to the users.

Lace front open wig

With these wigs still being a most common parallel to hair transplant and hair fixing, many organisations have come up with many varieties of wigs. One such organisation is Pinklace wigs. Providing quality wigs at an affordable price. They are one of  the best online store to buy wig from. They also provide custom made wigs based on customers demand.For more information about our offers log on to

Tyra Banks Lace Front Wig

What Are Lace Wigs

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 Lace Front and Full lace Wigs:

 Lace Wigs are full wigs with mesh lace attached in front beyond the “hair line” of the wig that is custom fitted, trimmed, and temporarily glued to ones skin around the hairline. You can’t see where the lace starts or ends.

The mesh lace also provides for natural looking partings in the hair.

We often see Jenna Jameson, Tyra Banks, a now-bald Britney Spears and Beyonce with flawless looking hair that is most often than not due to the trendy lace front wigs. Lace-Front wigs have been around for quite a while used by the entertainment and health care professions. Alepecia sufferers and the famous Drag Queen Ru Paul have worn them for years.

The technology on them has really improved; in fact, it’s pretty amazing because the blend with ones natural skin is remarkable if glued properly.

A custom made Celebrity lace front wig with Supreme Quality hair (Cuticle Remy Hair) can cost up to $20,000. But a good custom made lace front wigs can be purchased for about $400-1500. Here is a cool video about how lace wigs are made.

Lace front wigs represent the latest technology for non-surgical hair replacement in the world today. A lace front wig will be the closest thing to your own real hair, or can replace the hair you never had. It is the most natural, most beautiful, hair replacement system imaginable today. It is made out of top quality human hair and hand tied into a very sheer lace base one single hair at a time. It should look so natural that it can be virtually undetectable to anyone, even at a distance of only a few inches away. You can wear it for weeks at a time without removing it. You can comb your hair straight back. You can finally have the hair you always dreamed about!

Tips for buying Lace Wigs

Lace wigs come in different shapes and sizes, each one to fit one. There are custom-made wigs and ready-made wigs. The use of each has its own merit and drawbacks. When you decide to go in for a Lace wigs, there are certain important points you need to keep in mind.

Custom or Ready-made Lace wigs are preferably made to order. This is always a better option as the fit is so important in order to achieve the perfect look. The whole idea of wearing a Lace wigs is to look naturally glamorous.

If you do not have a good fit, it will be obvious and your efforts will be wasted. A number of people suffering from sickness and medical conditions like alopecia use Lace wigs and they need to look good as well.

Suit your face:

Lace wigs should accentuate the face. They should complement not discredit it. Your face comes in its own shape and structure, accept and work around that.

Choose the front lace wig depending on whether your face is round, oval, pear-shaped, square, heart-shaped or oblong. Even if you want to undergo a drastic change in your look and style, ensure that it suits you.

Once you have done that you must then choose the type of wig.

Types of Lace wigs:

There are two main types of lace wigs: Full lace and Front Lace. Full lace wigs are more breathable and comfortable to wear. These can be parted anywhere on the scalp.

Front lace wigs have lace at the forehead of the wig and are more natural and undetectable. These however cannot be pulled back into a ponytail. Both types require periodic maintenance and have a life span of about 6 months.

You can now choose the type of base for the wig

Types of Lace:

You have a choice between French Lace and Swiss lace. Both are lightweight and very popular. The French lace is available in various colors and is more durable as well. The lace base is a very important choice to make. First timers should use French lace wigs since Swiss lace requires a lot more care and attention to maintain.

Types of hair:

You can choose to have human or synthetic hair for the wig. The human hair is more natural and easier to style as well as maintain, just like you own hair. One of the best human hair is Remy hair.

Type of adhesive: As you need to attach the lace wigs to your hair, you would need a good adhesive. You can either choose between tape or an adhesive that is safe for human use.


You can style your lace wig even after you put it on. This offers good scope for the stylist to work on you and correctly frame the hair to your face. Your hair can be tied into a ponytail if needed. Many other styling options are possible with lace wigs.



Superstars Love Lace Front Wigs

Looking good is a prerogative that many enjoy. Looking great is what all aim for. This of course would be far more applicable to those in the entertainment business. After all, the superstars are given a demi-god like status and can they be anything less than perfect?

While almost all the superstars look after their bodies, there are a few areas that they need help. Working under the arc lights can play havoc with their skin, hair and general health. They therefore need special assistance. When it comes to their hair, they have a great solution in the form of lace front wigs.

A normal wig is generally worn to hide alopecia i.e. to hide balding. There are however a lot many people who use them for style. Wigs come in many types and colors. One of the most preferred types of wigs are the lace front ones. Their immense popularity is not without reason.

Perfect Fit:

Lace front wigs consist of a cap and a thin lace sewn on top of it. Individual hairs are sewn onto this lace. To get a good fit the lace is cut along the hairline all around your head. This gives a great fit and perfect shape.

Natural Look:

Superstars have a large fan following. The key factor that gives them the edge over others is their originality. A lace front wig offers them the opportunity to have naturally looking hair at all times. It gives the appearance of real and original hair. Like talent which is inborn, superstars can thus claim natural beautiful hair as well.

Different Styles:

Lace front wigs allow can be styled easily. Do you remember the lengthy curls of Jessica Simpson? Or the pony tailed look that Beyonce sports? Well, thanks to the lace front units, these and many more styles are possible. One style for each outfit!

Many textures and colors and lengths:

Lace front wigs are available in many colors and textures. Superstars in keeping with the latest trends like to sport colored hair to match their evening wear. Lace units offer them the chance to be blonde today and brunettes tomorrow.

These wigs are also available in different textures and makes like, synthetic and human hair. You can also get the straight look as well as the wavy or curly one.

Lace units also come in various lengths from short crop to shoulder, to full length. Superstars play a variety of roles and have a number of assignments. Each of these may require a certain look. Lace wigs are available in many lengths to suit the requirement.

Long lasting:

Lace front wigs can be worn for different occasions and under diverse weather conditions. This is a very big factor to consider when using these wigs.

Without doubt, lace front wigs are the favorites of superstars.



The Right Density For Your Lace Front Wig

A lace front wig is a wig made with human hair hand tied to a lace base. Lace front and full lace wigs are the newest innovation in non-surgical hair replacement systems. The hair is knotted into the lace and has the illusion as though growing from the scalp. Lace front and full lace wigs have been worn by celebrities for years but are recently becoming known to the general public. While customizing your full lace or lace front wig it is very important to choose the right density to allow for the most natural look.

Hair density refers to how thick the hair is. The hair density that you order is really based on personal choice and what looks best on you. Most women achieve a natural appearance with light to medium or medium density; however, your choice will depend on your styling preferences and individual profile.

Naturally growing hair grows differently for every person. Hair can grow thin (light) around the perimeter (hairline) and thick (medium) in the middle. Hair can also grow thick (medium) around the perimeter (hairline) and thickest (heavy) in the middle. Below are the most popular choices for densities in the lace front/ and full lace wig industry.

• Light Density: This density is 60% thickness of an average head of hair. It is recommended for people whose natural hair does not have much volume or thickness. Light density on a lace front or full lace wig shows a fair amount of scalp. This density is popular with elderly women.
• Light to Medium: This density is 100% thickness of an average head of hair. This is the most popular density requested for custom lace front and full lace wigs. It means that the lace front or full lace wig will have light density at the hairline and medium density every where else. This is the most natural looking and most recommended by top stylists. This density is suitable for most women.
• Heavy: This density is 150% thickness of an average head of hair. This is too much hair for most women to look natural. This density in lace front wigs or full lace wigs is usually worn by performers who desire a heavy style. Not recommended for a person looking for a natural look in a lace front or full lace wig.

Remember whatever density that you choose, lace front and full lace wigs provide the most natural looking extensions in the market today. 


For more information or to buy lace front wigs please go to




All About Yaki Hair

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(Yaki) is a hair texture that is designed to look and feel like African American Hair (Black Hair) that has been through a processing to make their own hair straight. This processing is called relaxing. Though the hair can come in a straight form, it is not design for Caucasian or other nationalities of non-African decent.


There are 4 types of Yaki hair textures some people may refer to differently Silky Yaki/ Light Yaki/ Yaki Straight This type of Yaki is very close to the silky straight hair but if you look closely you can see the Yaki/ micro kink in the hair. This type of Yaki looks like African American’s hair after it has been freshly relaxed and flat-ironed bone straight. You can find an example of this texture by clicking HERE Yaki/ Regular Yaki Another texture of Yaki is called Yaki or Regular. This Yaki is made to look like the typical African American hair that has been relaxed and is not as silky as the previously mentioned Yaki. You can find an example of this texture by clicking HERE Kinky Yaki/ Kinky Straight Kinky Yaki hair looks more like African American hair that has not been relaxed but has just been blow dried straight instead. It is also very thick, fluffy and natural looking. You can find an example of this texture by clicking HERE Kinky Curl Kinky Curl looks and feels like African American hair that has not been relaxed or blown dry straight. Kinky Curl looks like NATURAL African American hair that has not been through any chemical processing and the hair has very tight curls. You can find an example of this texture by clicking HERE CLICK HERE to review our hair texture chart by Pink Lace Wigs


Pink Lace Wigs Reviews – Care For Your Hair

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Gorgeous hair is something everyone wants, but few understand how to actually get! If the article below, you’ll learn about great suggestions and ideas that will get your hair looking fantastic. No one needs lackluster hair; keep reading and you do not have to have it.

Never brush wet hair. Wet hair is not as powerful as dry hair, so it’s simpler to break off. It’s possible for you to avoid damage simply by brushing your hair prior to a shower, or waiting until it has air dried afterward.

A clarifying shampoo can help bring back luster to your hair when it has gone dull. Typically when hair gets boring, it is because there’s been a accumulation of bunches of different hair care products during an extended period of time. To prevent this, try using a clarifying shampoo one or two times per week, in order to strip any dirt or hair care product residue that’s collected.

Try using a deep conditioner treatment to give dry hair a treat. Try wrapping the hair in a moist towel or even try using some plastic wrap to keep the heat in. After 30 minutes, wash the conditioner out completely and then rinse well.

Make sure you do not rinse out the conditioner before it has a chance to work; abandon it in for several minutes at least.

Lots of people do not understand all the ways they can get great looking hair, even though great hair is coveted by many. Hopefully, the information presented here offered some new tricks that can permit you to get that nice looking Hollywood hair! The sooner you put these practices into action, the quicker you are able to appreciate enviable locks. We are dedicated to providing premium quality lace wigs at affordable prices. Maybe you will like to learn more about Pink Lace Wigs Reviews. If this is your case there are plenty of interesting resources online.

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