Issues that wig users frequently face due to their own mistakes


A wig is a wonderful creation of man. It can help you look good even if you have few hairs that could be a result of disease or bad lifestyle. It is also an amazing investment for a fashionista, who loves to change her hairstyle frequently, but does not want to try excessive styling on her natural hairs. From a necessity, wigs have evolved to become a fashion accessory. They have also evolved in quality. They are typically safe for use. However, if you don’t follow the guidelines well, you may suffer from a few issues.

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Here are some such issues that wig wearers usually face:


Its hard to believe but wearing wigs for extended period can cause headache to many. Please note that the headache has nothing to do with the wig. You can suffer from such headache even if you wear a bandana or a headband for a long time. Such headaches are caused due to pressure that you put on your head by wearing them too tightly. This problem can be easily alleviated by loosening the wig slightly. If you have been suffering from mild but persistent headache, try wearing your hair replacement or accessories loosely and see if it makes any difference.

Excessive hair loss

Many wig users complain about excessive hair loss when they wear a wig. While this is true, it happens only because of your own mistake and not due to your wig. If you don’t keep your scalp and your wig hygienic, you are most likely to suffer from hair loss and even scalp infection. Even if your natural hairs are not exposed to dust and dirt, you must clean them regularly, even during winters.

  • Wash them with normal water and condition them as usual.
  • Always dry your hairs completely before wearing the wig.

Make sure you wash it every two weeks or as recommended by the wig manufacturer. For detailed cleaning instruction, read our previous blog here : HAIR CARE TIPS FOR THIS WINTER

  • Before wearing the wig, comb your hairs and detangle them. Make sure the hairs are positioned properly and are not jammed under the wig. Jamming can cause severe tangling and hair loss.
  • Expose your natural hairs to fresh air regularly so that your scalp stays dry.

Hair diseases

Dandruff, scalp infection, hair breakages, dry hairs, itchy scalp, etc. are some common problems that you may face if you are a regular wig user. In most cases, this happens due to poor wig quality. If your wig is made of poor quality material, your hairs and scalp may not be able to breathe. Your sweat may not dry. You may suffer from poor scalp hygiene and this may lead to various scalp and hair problems. You must therefore, never buy low quality, cheap wigs. Your wig represents you and therefore, you must buy the best quality one that you can find within your budget. Buy from genuine wig manufacturers.

We hope this blog helps you understand the frequent mistakes that wig users make. For more such informative blog posts, keep reading our blog.


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Hair care tips for this winter


Winters are not only harsh for your skin but also for your hairs. If not cared properly, your tresses can become dry and brittle. They will start looking dull. You can even experience excessive hair fall. During cold weather, your hairs require as much attention as your skin does. Here are some winter care tips that must follow if you want your hairs to stay healthy and lustrous.

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  • Cover your hairs whenever possible. Do not leave them open during winters. This will make them dry out. You should retain their moisture as much as possible and, to do this, you have to keep them covered. Mufflers, caps, scarps, hooded jackets, sweaters; you have numerous options to choose from. Use them to shield your hairs from the chilling weather. Save the ‘free flowing’ hairstyles for special occasions. Apart from using hair accessories, you can also use wigs to protect your hairs from the cold weather.
  • Do not use hot water for washing your hairs. Hot water can cause dryness. Prefer normal water instead.
  • When you are at home, tie your hairs into a bun and cover it with a satin cap. This way, you will be able to retain their moisture for a longer duration. You should also use satin scarf or bonnet at night. Many experts also suggest that you should switch your cotton pillow covers with the satin ones.
  • Even if you are using a wig, make sure you clean and moisturize your hairs regularly. Use a heavy, leave-on moisturizer instead of your regular one. Hairs tend to become drier during winters and a medium level conditioner may not be able to deal with the moisture loss.
  • Avoid hair care or styling products that have alcohol, as they will dry out your hairs. Instead, prefer the ones that have cocoa butter, olive oil, etc.
  • Make sure you dry your hairs completely before going out. If they are not completely dry, the cold air outside will freeze the moisture in them, thereby making them more brittle and dry.
  • A humidifier is not only recommended for your skin but also for your hairs too. When you use heaters, the air inside becomes very dry and this makes your skin and hairs dry out. A humidifier will prevent this.
  • Do not use woollen hats directly on your hairs. Wool, when rubbed on your hairs, can cause friction and can even damage your hairs severely. First cover them with a satin cap and them put on a woollen hat or cap.

Winter season makes your hairs fragile and more prone to damages. Treat your hairs carefully. If you have not yet invested in a good quality wig, check out our amazing range of readily available full-lace wigs. We have high quality products available at heavily discounted prices, making them affordable to everyone. To place order, get in touch with us at 1-888-544.

No slide backs or rollouts please: How to prevent your wig from sliding back


There is nothing to feel embarrassed about your wig. If you don’t have voluminous hair or want to get a specific look, wearing a wig is the most practical solution that you have. However, most of us want to keep our hair extensions a secret. We are therefore, always in a lookout for concrete solutions that will help us keep our wigs in position. Adhesives are a great way to ensure that your secret is not revealed but using them in the right way can make a lot of difference.

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Here are some tips that you should follow in order to prevent your wig from sliding back.
• Before applying your wig, make sure that your scalp, forehead, and hairs are oil free. Also, never apply wig on sweaty scalp or forehead. Oil and sweat can make it difficult for the adhesive to work. It may not last as long as it should and may roll back before you could realize. To clean up oil from your hairline, use 91% alcohol.
• After you have removed the oil, let the alcohol dry completely before applying the scalp protector.
• Before you use the wig, make sure you flatten your hair as much as possible. This will help your wig lay flat, look natural, and stay glued. A wig cap is therefore, mandatory for all wig users.
• Roll backs and sliding are more frequent when your lace wig is either too small or too big for your head. If your wig does fit your head well, you have to constantly struggle hard to make it stay at place. Even if you use a good quality adhesive, you still can’t be sure about rollbacks. Therefore, while ordering your wig, make sure you take correct measurements. Measure thrice to confirm the size.
• One of the most common issues that most wig users face is constant lifting of the lace at the nape. This happens because the lace is bigger than required. Wear your wig and raise your head to look at the ceiling. If the lace extends beyond the crease of the nape, it is bigger than required. Cut down the excess lace from the back to make it fit on the nape well. If you are not sure, seek professional help. If the lace is bigger than required, roll backs could be a common problem.
• While wearing your wig, bend your head and rest your chin as down as possible. This will ensure that your nape area stays glued.
• If your sideburns are too long, they will slide back when you try making a pony or a bun. Make sure they do not extend down on your face. Cut down the excessive part. If you are a new wig user or are not comfortable in doing so, seek professional help.
We hope now you know why slide-backs are so common and how we can get rid of such embarrassing issues. For more such details, keep reading our blog. Like us on Facebook and you could get a lace wig for free! To like our facebook page click here



Lace wig wearing mistakes that you must avoid


Wearing wigs should be a simple and quick task so that you can easily put them on, especially during your rush hours. To make it easier for you, there are tons of wig adhesives and glues available online. Many of them promise to be very effective and safe for use. However, you have to be very careful while wearing your lace front wig. Here are a few wig wearing mistakes that must avoid even if you are in a rush:



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Never use wig adhesives without testing them

This is the most common and most hazardous mistakes that wig wearers make. Adhesives are nothing but chemicals. They may not suit every skin. They may not be safe for extended use. Further, the so-called affordable varieties may cause adverse reactions.

  • Before using any form of adhesive, make sure you do a patch test. Apply a drop of glue on your forearm and leave it for a few hours or may be overnight. Notice the area after 2 days of patch test. If the skin seems normal, you may use the glue. If you see even slightest skin discolouration or irritation, do not use it.
  • Always buy good quality adhesive from reputed stores instead of preferring the cheaper ones, as they may contain harsh chemicals.
  • Good quality adhesives may not have any long-term effect but why take a chance? Try our glue-less wigs! Our innovative glue-less varieties do not use any form of glue or tape but are as undetectable and reliable as the glue-based varieties are. To know more about our glue-less wigs, click here: Glue Less Full Lace Wigs

Never ignore the hygiene of your real hairs

This is another area where you need to be careful. If you ignore the hygiene of your scalp and your wig, you are most likely to suffer from infections and diseases. You may even have an itchy scalp and may suffer from unnecessary hair loss. Even if your natural hairs are covered by a wig, they get dirty and sweaty. You should clean them as regularly as possible. Shampooing and conditioning should be your regular job in order to avoid permanent damage to your scalp and natural hairs.

Never wear wigs that will give you a fake look

Who doesn’t want silky straight, long hairs? We all secretly want to look like our favourite celebrities and you can actually achieve such looks by the help of our celebrity wigs. However, before you choose any wig, make sure you weigh the option very well. The lustrous wigs do look great, but when worn, they can make you look fake and will defeat your purpose of wearing a wig. Always choose wigs that look natural on you. The wig should look as if it is real. Never choose heavy density wigs unless you have lost all your hairs or if you are in an industry that requires you to have a voluminous look. Also, if possible, get your wig customized as per your actual needs instead of selecting the readily available ones.

We hope this blog educates you about what wig wearers should and shouldn’t do. To know more about our products, click here:


Glue-less wigs: an innovative and mess-free alternative to conventional wigs


How many of you hate using wig glues and tapes? How many of you want a fast, no-fuss hair alternative that can be worn within seconds?

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All of us, isn’t it?

The conventional glue or tape based wigs are quite messy and time-consuming. However, they are quite trustworthy. They do not slip or fold back. They stick to our hairline tightly without revealing our secret to anyone. Most of us, therefore, happily do all the hard work required for wearing a glue-based glue lace wig.

Now, would you believe us if we tell you that we are offering glue-less wigs that do not use tape, glue, or any form of adhesive?

Believe it or not, adhesive-less wigs are in trend these days and why wouldn’t they? They are absolutely non-mess, no fuss, and no-glue ones. Moreover, they are as reliable as the adhesive based wigs are! They can stay at their place for hours and will not roll back or fall down. You can style up your hairs in any way you want. Let them fall or make a pony; our glue-less wigs are almost undetectable. They are hand-made and can be styled as desired.

Wondering how can they stay intact for hours without using any adhesive?

They are reliable because their caps have combs at the top that help keeping the wigs in place. For extra reliability, we also provide two side clips that can be placed at the temples. The clips and the combs keep the wig in place and avoid rolling back. They also have an adjustable strap at the nape so that you can adjust the wig and make it fit your head properly.

See pictures below for more details:

lace front wigs

We at Pinklacewigs are delighted to announce that this revolutionary cap construction process is used only by us. Our glue-less wigs are available in different styles, textures, and colors. Check out some of the options here: Glue-Less-Full-Lace-Wigs . We are sure you will find something that will suit your needs well.

Our glue-less wigs are priced comfortably and come with the same quality guarantee that we have been offering for years. The lace is made of high quality material and is very comfortable to wear. You can even wear it for extended periods without bothering about slippages and roll backs. No matter which hairstyle you choose to make, this wig is as undetectable as the rest of our wigs. From body wave to deep wave; we have many varieties to choose from. Some of them are shipped within 3 days whereas many others require 4 to 5 weeks. You can also get the wig customized as per your preference, i.e. you can choose density, hair length, and hair colour according to the look that you want.

Our glue-less products are now available at a discounted price. They are in fact as affordable as the rest of our products. Order today and get rewarded. For details, get in touch with us at 1-888-544.

Ordering customized wig: How to measure correctly


Getting your wig customized will give you the ability to choose any texture, style, colour, cap size, length, and other features that you may desire. While choosing the specifics, you will have to be very careful about the measurements. An unfitting wig may not set well on your head. It may not look natural. Measuring your head accurately is therefore, a major task that you need to do while ordering your customized wig.

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Here are some helpful tips that our wig experts would like to suggest for measuring your head.

A few things that you need to know before you start measuring:

  • Pin your hairs as tightly as possible. This will help you take accurate measurements.
  • While measuring, place the measuring tape a little outside your hairline. This will help you cover your natural hairline completely so that the wig looks natural.
  • If possible, take measurements in inches and not in centimetres.
  • Ask someone else to take measurements. Try not to do it yourself, as you may not be able to measure it correctly.
  • Write down measurements immediately instead of trusting your memory.

Here is how you can take the measurements:

  • Place the measuring tape slightly outside your natural hairline and measure all round your head. This measurement is your head circumference.
  • Now you have to measure the distance between your forehead and the nape of your neck. For this, place the measuring tape on the center of your forehead and measure straight back over your crown. Bend your neck while taking measurement.
  • Next, measure the distance between your ears through your forehead. Place the measuring tape on the base of sideburn and measure up across your hairline and then down to the opposite sideburn.
  • Now, measure distance between your ears over the top of your head. Place the measuring tape at the top of your ear and measure across the head till the opposite ear.
  • Next, measure the distances between the temples. Place the measuring tape on one of your temple slightly outside your hairline and then run in through the back of your head and then till your opposite temple.
  • The last measurement that you need to do is to measure the nape of your neck. This is basically the width of your hairline across the nape.

How To Measure For Lace Wig

Some helpful tips:

  • Your measurements may not completely match with the standard wig sizes. If your head circumference falls between two sizes, order a larger sized wig instead of smaller one so that it covers your hairline completely.
  • Never place the order for your wig until you have complete and accurate measurements. We suggest you to measure the details at least twice.
  • If you are not confident about the size, talk to our wig experts at 1-888-544.

We hope this blog educates you on how to measure correctly for your custom-made wig. For more details,Check this link How To Measure For Lace Wig

Common wig care mistakes that you should avoid


From over-the-counter serums to professional treatments; wig lovers these days leave no stone unaltered to ensure that their ‘hairs replacement’ lasts longer and looks as good as their natural hairs. However, even after spending a fortune, we are very often dissatisfied with the longevity of our wigs. We all want them to stay healthy, shiny, and strong but unfortunately, most of us do not know how to treat them or care for them.


If you own a ‘priceless’ lace wig, here are a few things that you should avoid doing so that your wig meets your expectation.

  1. Choose the wig care products carefully. The over-the-counter serums and shampoos may not be suitable for it. The products available at supermarkets may damage the strands. Stay away from them as much as possible. Always buy high quality, genuine products available at specialized wig stores such as the ones available at Pink Lace Wigs.
  2. Do not over-expose your wig to chlorinated water. Excessive chlorine can damage the strands permanently.
  3. Avoid exposing your lace wig to the sun. UV rays are as harmful for your wig as they are for your natural hairs and skin.
  4. Wig trimming is certainly not a DIY thing. You may not be able to do a good job and may end up damaging it badly. In case your wig needs trimming, seek professional help. Trust the experts instead of choosing a low-cost service.
  5. Avoid dyeing your wig frequently. In case you want to dye it, seek professional help. Do not try to do it yourself. Dyeing wigs requires as much perfection as dying natural hairs and only professionals will be able to do it appropriately.
  6. Styling your hairs is a great way to spruce up your look, but avoid over-styling. Those hair straightening rods and blow dryers are as bad for your wig as they are for your natural hairs. Frequent use can decrease the longevity of your hair replacement.
  7. Do not put too much tension while brushing your hairs. Excessive pulling can weaken the strands. Brush carefully, starting from the bottom and working upwards. If your wig has got tangled, read our previous blog post on ‘The right approach to detangle your wig’.
  8. Store your wig carefully. Do not throw it in your drawer. Use a proper wig head to hold it.


We hope this blog educates you on the most common wig care mistakes that we do. For more such interesting information, keep reading our blog. Like us on Facebook and get a chance to win one synthetic lace front wig every week!



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Gold Metalic Nails

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Here is the right approach to detangle your wig


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We all hate tangles and why would not we? They hurt us and make our hairs look unmanageable. Unfortunately, both wigs and your natural hairs are prone to tangling. No matter how expensive your wig is, if you don’t store it properly, it will get unmanageable and ugly-looking knots.

Improper detangling techniques can severely shorten the life of your wig. Here is the right way to untangle those messy knots.

Step 1: Wash your wig

Washing is not always necessary, but the experts at Pink Lace Wigs strongly recommend that you must clean your wig before you try to untangle it. Cleaning will help remove the dust, dirt, and oil clinging to the strands. In our last blog on ‘Here is what you need to know to make your wig last longer’, we had mentioned how you should wash your wig. In case you missed it, here is a brief process that will help you:

  • Fill a sink with water (neither hot nor cold) and pour an ounce of wig shampoo in it.
  • Dip your wig in it for a few minutes and then lightly rub the strands with your fingers.
  • Run your fingers through the strands slowly and carefully. Do not put too much pressure or else you may damage them.
  • Rinse it well and hang it on a wig head or foam ball.
  • Apply wig conditioner to loosen the most stubborn tangles.
  • Let it dry naturally. Do not blow dry. Also, do not try to untangle the strands when the wig is wet. Let it dry completely.

full lace wigs

Step 2: Use conditioner to loosen the tangles

Once the wig is completely dry, spray some wig conditioner on it. Run your fingers through it to loosen the big knots. Do not much pressure. Run your fingers as softly as possible, working out through all the knots that you may come across. Keep doing this until the strands look fairly smooth to you.

Now, it’s time to use your favorite wide-toothed comb. Work from the bottom to the top carefully untangling the knots. Divide your wig into sections to make it more convenient. After combing, your wig should look pretty good. You can use your wig brush to further smoothen it out.

Step 3: Store your wig carefully

In case you are not planning to use the wig right way, here is how you can store it so that it doesn’t get tangled again:

  • If you have long wig, make a very loose braid and wrap it around the base of the wig head. Now, place the wig in its bag. Make sure the braid is very loose or else the strands may become wavy.
  • If the wig isn’t too long, twist the strands lightly and coil it up inside out. Place the coiled part in a netting cap and place the wig’s original net on it.

We hope this blog helps you appropriately detangle your wig. For more such helpful information, keep reading our blog.

Here is what you need to know to make your wig last longer


Wigs are wonderful accessories. Sometimes you need them to add volume to your thin hairs, sometimes for protecting your natural hairs, sometimes for adding length, and many a times for getting a specific look. A good quality, natural looking wig requires a significant investment. More than that, it requires as much care as your natural hairs do. From brushing carefully to washing regularly; you have to take care of your wig as if it is real. We at Pink Lace Wigs have found that very often people ignore them, only to regret later. If you are one of them, here are a few dos and don’ts that you should follow in order to prolong their life.


A few things that you must do:

  • Invest in a good quality wig brush. Your wide-tooth comb cannot detangle your wig as gently as a wig brush can. Unlike hair brushes that have rubber tips, wig brushes have specially looped tips that are helpful in detangling the strands without putting much pressure on them.
  • Store your wig properly. Good storage will ensure that it retains its shape and style for a longer duration. If you have invested in an expensive Full Lace wig, buy a wig head to hold it when you are not using it. Foam heads are quite inexpensive but in case you do not have too much storage space, you can use newspaper balls to hold them.
  • Wash your wig regularly, at least after every 10 uses. If you don’t wash them, they will start looking dull and may start smelling foul. Fill your sink with water and pour an ounce of good quality shampoo, (preferably wig shampoo) in it. Dip the wig and leave for 5 minutes. Run your fingers through it so that it gets cleaned thoroughly. Rinse well and place it on the wig head. Let it dry naturally.

A few things that you must not do:

  • Do not use hot water to clean your wig.
  • Even if you are having a heat resistant wig, do not blow dry it. Let it dry naturally.
  • When it is wet, do not rub it or shake it, as this may cause tangling.
  • Never try to trim it yourself. Seek professional help.
  • Do not fold the wig or else it may lose its shape and style easily.
  • Do not use it while cooking. Protect it from heat and dust as much as possible.
  • Limit the amount of styling. Even if you have a heat resistant wig, excessive styling can decrease its life. Treat them like normal hairs. When styling, use the lowest temperature setting.

We hope this information helps you take care of your wig properly. For more details, get in touch with us at 1-888-544 Or log on to